Mary Caroline and Kate

What sweeties! I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Caroline and her mom in the past, and got to visit them again a few days ago to welcome Kate! Just 16 days old, and the kids are getting along so well. Precious.

Anastasia and Shawn

We shared a lovely spring morning down in Georgetown with Anastasia and Shawn recently. Before all this crazy heat! They were so natural and easy going in front of the camera. And just a perfect fit with each other, so at ease. Many congratulations you two!!

Little Hank

Grew up! I first photographed Hank when he was just a twinkle in his parents eye. Then our focus was on his older brother, Jude. When he came along, I had an opportunity to photograph him as a newborn. His 6 month session just came to pass, and what a cutie! He’s got such personality already…

Fun with Light

We had a great time working with some great folks last week. Here are a few images out of the gate that show how light can change the feel and look of a subject and space. Thanks again to: Kaarin Moore, owner of Closet Caucus for her wardrobe styling, Irina Gerasimova for makeup, and DC Glassworks for donating the space. more soon –svg

Famous Reenactment

This weekend my clients, Stephanie and Aaron, and I reenacted this very famous photograph in Times Square, NYC. Who can name the original photograph and photographer?

Congratulations to Aubrey and David!

Congrats on your great feature in today’s Emmaline Bride! It was so amazing to work with you both!

Happy Snow Day!

Be safe tomorrow everyone, and enjoy the snow!A favorite shot of some great clients, taken last week.

Lessons Learned and Lived

As I wind down this year as a business owner, I’m beginning to feel that running a business mimics the growth from birth into adulthood. The first years you are just learning express yourself, to handle new experiences at every turn, to bounce back from making mistakes and learning not to do that again! It seems to me, that as a business enters its…

Vintage Love

A few favorites from a recent infant session!  -More soon –svg


I am just hooked on this beautiful little girl…some images are best appreciated enlarged to wall art size – and this is one of them. I just love how independent she is in this shot (and in person). What a gorgeous fall. Oh, and her big brother’s pretty cute himself :)! more soon- –svg