Sugarplum Dreams

are the most fanciful kind….. hope you’re dreams are sweet this holiday season.-svg

A Perfect Rainy Day

A great day at the beautiful River Farm, near Mt. Vernon…

Toasty Warm

A few from my afternoon shoot today…so cold!so much warmer….and happier!Beautiful Ava and mom….And with Dad….more soon,svg

Will I See You Saturday?

At long last! My new line of products is ready to launch. This has been a long-held goal of mine, to be able to provide my clients with different boutique products to display images from their sessions. From Kolo linen albums, to the most amazing photo boxes (if I do say so myself), to storyboards (9 images in one big presentation box), there’s tons…


If you were to ask me one word to describe my photographic style, I would say Color.I love color. Not just a little, but bold rainbow stripes of color. My kitchen is yellow and my living room is red. My car is purple. Ironically I wear a lot of black. Before I was a photographer, I was a painter. Back when I lived in…

Learning from the Master….

“This is a really good way to raise kids,” my three year old mind whispers, as my Dad and I are walking side by side through a National Forest. And so I ask him, “what is the name of your job?” to which he responds “I’m a photographer”. I counter, insistently “No! What’s the real name of your job? The exact name?” I wanted…

Blue Eyes

This little cutie Colin was hammin it up all morning for me. Friends Nate and Maureen brought him into the studio before they head off to their new foreign service post. Colin was just a sweet joy to work with, and had a lot of fun test running all the new props I got yesterday. Best of luck you three!more soon…sv

Maternity and Youth

I love shooting little kids, but what is even more fun, is shooting them with their parents. I had a great time this morning, working with a new client, to create photographs of her pregnant belly and three year old. She is due any day now, a real trooper to come out to the studio in this heat!A few favorites…more to come…-sv

The Land of In ‘N Out and Up and Down

So, the last of my posts from the trip to CA are finally here. My sister heidi and i remained after the rest of the family left California, and headed from Marina del Ray onto Santa Barbara, with a quick stop off at the famous In N Out… We then hit upon a great hotel, with a great view, and were comp’d what we…

Almost a Knock Out….

I ran a marathon this weekend. In circles. Around really cute kids. Our mini sessions on Saturday were held at Cabin John Park, in MD, and on Sunday at Van Ness’ Turtle Park, in DC.Both locations provided a lot of challenges and opportunities. Just my kind of shoot. For a minute there I questioned my sanity, it was Jungle Gym: 1 Photographer: 0 for…