Restaurant Hospitality Spread

This is one of my images featured in Restaurant Hospitality Magazine. Gina is mixologist extraordinaire. if you have not yet tried her Gnome Water, get yourself to Eat Bar, stat.

In this pic, she has just poured her mushroom martini. If it weren’t 10am, i would have had a sip.

When Will It End?

One of these days the construction in adams morgan will end, and my home office will once again be an oasis. until that day, it’s car alarms, clanging metal, 2×4’s falling out of the fourth story window. i am likely the only person in town praying for the threatening snow tonight. because snow = no construction.
bring it on.

a roadside in japan

may 1997
the first time you “see” outside of the lines is like watching dolphins leap through water. your heart jumps. time stills. there is nothing between you and the image you are about to capture. and it is yours alone.