Rain, Lights, Action!

So here in Bozeman it’s rainy and dreary and inspiring. Our days are packed to the hilt with trainings and on location shoots – this morning in Haylight Canyon, and just an hour ago in an old abandoned stockyard. In between it’s Photoshop, lighting, and other tools brought to life in the classroom. Part of photography is sucking, which I did this morning, and part is total and sheer inspiriation, which I felt this evening. A few to share from both shoots:

In the Valley of the Mountains

Greetings from Bozeman, Montana…home base for the next few weeks. I’m here on a photo journey with my dad and other fine photographers…about to begin a training with master photographers Joe McNally and Moose Peterson. We are then headed on the road for personal projects. I am not sure that life gets any better than this. We start shooting tomorrow morning – so for today – a shot of my dad getting prepared and playing with camera gear!

Adventures in Light

The ultimate task of any photographer is to capture light. We’re not looking to actually take a photo of a “thing” – we’re looking at how the light reflects off of that thing. Sometimes our eye can see, and sometimes, on those really hard days, it can’t. I had one of those nights last night. I was working with a challenging lighting situation on little sleep, trying to “see”, and got stuck. I can’t say that that has happened to me in years. But there it was. Perhaps it’s the photographers version of writer’s block. The more I thought, the more muddled gray I saw.
So..as a reminder to me, this morning I am working through older photos, and came across a few that really demonstrate how light is more important than the object itself.

Obama Victory in the Streets of Adams Morgan

Have You?

This are two of my favorite images from a shoot with 8 month old Adeline on Saturday.
She had the sweetest, calmest little demeanor.
i came very close to eating those little toes.

Happy Halloween!

in my excitement about our coming trip to guatemala…i completely forgot that i have been hoarding this pic for halloween! so two posts for today….Happy Halloween! i have not yet carved my pumpkins, but for the first time in a decade have a great costume…