Light Me Up!

We’re finishing up our last day at the DLWS and having a blast. This image was inspired by working this week with the legendary Joe McNally. Using two SB 800’s, one fired toward the model from camera right and one skimming the front of the car from down low, the light converts the Bozeman car junkyard into a really dramatic set.

This shot is proof again of the lesson I have gotten so lucky off of time and again…never put your camera away until you are back at home, warm again and completely done for the day. I was shooting all afternoon and the sun had just set. I turned around from the trunk of the car and loved the contrast of the yellow streetlight balanced with the twilight sky and great montana buildings. Pulled my viewfinder to my eye, and presto, this biker glides into my frame and I click away three times. This is the resulting shot. Not tough, just paying attention and got a little lucky.

A pretty sunrise over Bridger Mountain gap. It was gorgeous, and I love the cartoonesque quality that this fence post took on. Bundled with the gentle pastel pink sky and field, it takes on a decidedly different look than what I am usually attracted to shooting. But hey, when it’s 5:30 in the morning and all you can shoot is rising sun and snow covered peaks on the horizon, the results ain’t half bad.

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