Family Portraits in 09 – Samara the Porcelin Doll

Happy New Year! Our tree has just come down, the ornaments put away, and the last of our holiday visitors have gone home to begin their 2009. Here in the world of Stacey Vaeth Photography, I’m putting into practice some great techniques I learned while training with the crew at DLWS and master shooter Joe McNally as well as getting geared up for a very busy 2009, including shooting at the 2009 Inaugural Peace Ball next Tuesday.

My first shoot of the new year was a bundle of fun. 17 month old Samara and her folks Chris and Jolina were a blast to work with. We got some great shots that I hope will be with the family for many years. Despite a minor setback after working at the Tidal Basin in 18 degree weather (and quickly coming to our senses and rescheduling for later in the afternoon!), we had a blast.

Samara – 17 months

Only Chris could make Samara giggle with glee. Perhaps because he is 3 times her height.

A beautiful moment with mom. I think they were focusing on the “Fish” in Chris’ iphone. A screensaver that turns out to be a infant saver as well. Soothed her quicker than a bottle of milk.

This tippy toe acrobatic feat never ceases to amaze me. Samara was trying to get tall enough to see the doggie walking by the window.

A moment with mom.

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