A Different Twist on the Cherry Blossoms

Caitlin asked me to take some personal senior year photographs for her, as opposed to what she had gotten done for her yearbook. I leaped at the opportunity, as seniors are so self-assured, have a personal vision, and are pretty well across the board excited to be in front of the camera. Caitlin was super easy to work with, and the camera loved her. Despite our freezing cold morning, she stayed calm and looked great.

Leave it to me to go down to the cherry blossoms, where folks are traveling from all over the country to see them, and put Caitlin under the 395 overpass as our first location. What can i say? The light was better! But I’m sure she was thinking “doesn’t this girl know that there are really pretty flowers over there???”

A sneak peek of a few of my favorites:

more to come…

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