What a month it has been! I was holding out hope that I could do full posts on each of these fun shoots that I have had the blessing of doing…but it ain’t happening! From triathletes, to engagements, to babies and yogis, I have been all over the place. But one picture in particular prompted me to stop for a second and post. There is a story in each of these shoots, so I hope to do them all justice in the near future.

So, the image of impetus!
~Courtney and daughter Elle, this morning at Pierce Mill Park in Rock Creek ~

~Son of Annie Lou, Editor of the fabulous Daily Candy Kids~

~ Lucas giving Elle her first kiss from a boy ~
~Sara and giggley Reece~

~Reese and Sarah~

~Reese Escaping~

~Lesley and Luke~
more to come!….sv

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