Attending the Wedding…Imagine That!

Oh it is paradise here in California! I haven’t been out west in several years, but took this past week to journey out for my cousin’s wedding and to visit my sister in her new digs on the beach. Intermittent access to internet has left me a little behind on blogging, so I’ll start from the beginning. This past weekend, we were in San Clemente for my cousin Courtney and Peter’s beachside wedding…

Waiting for family pictures….

My brother, Chris, gave a beautiful blessing before a fantastic dinner…

Courtney, Liz, and Jen, our cousins and very close friends….

I have never seen such team pride in a family, as this family has with USC…as noted by the arrival of the USC band to the reception…

My brother Chris, in one of the most beautiful reception halls that I have seen…

The end of the evening, reception hall from the outside…

You’ll notice very few images…i’m loving the rejuvination sans camera!
More soon- – sv

One Comment on “Attending the Wedding…Imagine That!

  1. Nice for someone just "attending the wedding"! I especially like the one of the people waiting to be photographed. Good light, good, quiet moment.

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