Back to California…

In my mind, at least. While that little Daily Candy Kids post has kept me quite busy for the last few days, I still haven’t lost my post-vacation buzz…a few more images, as promised, from my recent trip to California.

The sands of Marina del Ray, a few blocks from where my sister Heidi and her boyfriend, Kevin, live. I can still feel that soft, cool to the touch sand of the late evening between my toes…

My brother, one of the most important people in my life, and perhaps the smiliest person that I know joined Kevin rented to try out the surf….

Kevin amazed us all by getting up a bunch of times, on his first day out…

but what goes up, must come down….oops….

We had a good laugh at this picture of them both…suffering just slightly…and unaware that they are about to be totally slammed once again.

Of course, Dad and I were having a blast shooting. This here is the man I learned all that I know about photography from….if i can ever be as good as he, I will be a lucky woman…

Dad and Chris

Heidi and her surfer dude

Up tomorrow….In and Out Burger and a ride up the coast….
p.s. back to reality…If you’re a client of Stacey Vaeth Photography and considering booking my services for the fall, I highly suggest getting with me now. Turns out there are a lot of cute kids in this region that need their pictures taken! Also, keep on the lookout for an invitation to a fall holiday samples show…

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