New Favorite Location

I don’t want to advertise this too loudly, cause it’s a bit far from my home, but yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting at the Black Hills Regional Park, in Boyds, MD – and wow, is that pretty.
It’s just turning into fall so quickly, and I was out there with clients of mine that I have worked with several times now.

The park is absolutely huge, and has a large body of water (some of which sources DC’s drinking water, apparently), kayaks, docks, lots of paths, picnic tables, the list and the photo op’s go on and on. I would happily shoot here again – especially in this beautiful early morning light.

Here are a few of Tristen and family, whom i met at a July mini session and just love working with:

This morning I was out in Reston, doing a tiiiinnnyy infant shoot – perhaps a few of those images will make it up here tomorrow.
have a great tuesday everyone. Tonight – U2!!

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