Melt Down Insurance

A colleague and I were discussing our work this morning, and I recounted this story of a weekend shoot, in which some great clients and their adorable baby were all dressed up and ready to go. They had been practicing sitting, posing and playing with the dog, Dixie, all week, so that they were ready for their big photo shoot. They had new clothes, were well rested, fed, and all in all in perfect form.

I arrive. Mom and I create a space on the floor for dog and baby. We move the rug, adjust the lights. The camera gets drawn out of the bag. The dog gets bribed with his bone. The baby gets lowered into place….and!

Whoops. Okay. Patience. Deep breathing. Negotiation. She’s too little to bribe with a lollypop or bubbles. So … a kiss from mom. After a few tries, to no avail, we move her to a chair she loves to warm her up with the camera.

Getting better! A little more interest….and with Dad in the power position, 
holding her attention, even a smile…

A few cries here and there, so we focus on the details….but we never get her back. She’s the sleepiest little baby and not having it at all.

So perhaps a trip outside, a change of scenery, a few distractions, maybe even a doggy! Nope….sleepy…getting…sleeepier…..sllllleeeeeepppiiiier….

Until Dad holds her close, and……


So, we decided to redo the shoot next week and hope for a more fruitful outcome. Which brings me back to my discussion with my colleague this morning. What if photographers offered Melt-Down Insurance? Wouldn’t that be a great feeling? No worries if your baby is going to be happy or sad? You can just re-do the shoot until the giggles are flowing!

What about you? Have you worried about a melt-down before a shoot? Has it happened during the session? How did it turn out? Post your experience in the comments section!
more soon,

One Comment on “Melt Down Insurance

  1. Stace,As a former pro shooter and your dad, I can tell you I've encountered many melt downs in my career. I'm glad you kept shooting. Just because there aren't smiles in every picture doesn't mean they aren't adorable. In fact, this makes the event even more memorable. I hope your customers realize how precious these moments are and that the pictures of their baby expressing feelings the only way she knows how will be treasured 20 years from now. And by the way, the picture of the baby with the dad in the foreground is one of most beautiful compositions I have seen in a long time. A tribute to your unique talent with a camera!

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