A Story of Lost and Found

Despite waking up with eyes swollen shut from the pollen, we managed to have a lot of fun this morning with the remaining spectacular that is the Cherry Blossom festival.

Mazy strikes a pensive mood here as we begin her session. She was so great – lots of fun and smiles – and very patiently following my instructions so she could get her cookies at the end.

And then there’s Sidney and Kye and Lelu, all of whom I had the pleasure of working with at last year’s Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions. They have all gotten so big!

As we began the next session, little Sidney lost her ball into the Tidal Basin. She put on a brave face, thinking it was long gone, but then my clients saw it float to the edge, and fished it out for her. Great happiness ensued, and this picture was snapped just after the rescue:

The saviors:

Denton and Brody made another appearance behind my lens as well. I worked with them last year at Cabin John park, where we had lots of fun the jungle gym. Today was there was a little less distraction – just checking out the puddle to see if, in fact, there IS an alligator in there!

Tons of smiles today, and lots of laughter…it was a great morning.

And one saved ball. Not to be lost ever again! Right before I snapped this, I tried to bring the ball up to where the light was a bit better. Sidney did not like that. Not ONE BIT! 🙂

Last day of Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions is this Friday! I’ll be there tomorrow morning for a sunrise engagement session – so more to come soon.

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