Just another friday…

Today was a dash of this and a dash of that — all super celebratory events, which made things really fun. I’m spoiled by all the great weather we’ve had these last few weeks. Last year at this time I had rescheduled one couple EIGHT times because of rain. Eight times. This year, not a single rain date has been called thus far. So great! So when today’s winds came on strong, I couldn’t begrudge it too much. I think everyone handled it nicely.

So on to today…I had the last “cherry blossom” mini session this morning, and although the blossoms have all fallen and the leaves are full green, we still got some great shots. Then off to a meeting at the Ritz with Jeff and Paola to discuss their July wedding, from there to Healy Hall, at Georgetown, to shoot a great group of friends before they went off to a ball (prom pictures anyone? we were careful not to go go there đŸ™‚ and then to a Georgetown engagement shoot with the lovely Amanda and Chris. Enjoy!

One Comment on “Just another friday…

  1. Thanks Stacey! We loved meeting you + the photos are fabulous! You are an artist!All the best,Brigit Lindsey

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