Working with Friends

Working with great friends is such a joy (and a bit of pressure. the pressure is all self-induced, I assure you). The most wonderful part about it is that my tribe is really relaxed around me. They’ll joke and play and input their own ideas about a shot, without first thinking about first impressions. Hence this hilarious and beautiful maternity session with my best friends Erin and Adam.

Okay, despite creative ideas, I admit that I was a bit nervous that passerby’s would think I was making one of my clients do this!!

They just moved into this great apartment and have a little entry alleyway that reminds me of both great light and walking the gang plank all at once. When I said, “this would be a great place for photographs” I’m not sure that this is what I meant 🙂

But oh, how hilarious. And how fitting for these two goofy, fun and light people.

Such a cute, urban couple. Erin and I actually met on the street outside of Foggy Bottom Metro seven years ago. She’s my best friend now, and I’ll be there for the birth of her first child (did you hear that Erin? First…that means there may be more :). 
Talk to strangers, people! 
Introducing myself to her may the best sentence I have ever uttered….next to “I do”.

I totally would never ask any one of my maternity couples to JUMP – but, well, there you go.

Just six weeks to go – OH MY!

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