The Roundup

I’m finally here in North Carolina, with my husband’s family, preparing for Christmas by shopping, resting and generally hanging out. My mother-in-law is a chef, and my husband and his family is from Colombia, so we’re enjoying the most amazing food, as usual. Tamales, shrimp and scallops a la veracruzana, ajiaco…. just the best.

Everyone left for a movie just now, and I finally have a few minutes to reflect on the year. And what a year it has been.

Work has been really rewarding, as usual I have the best clients, but this year I’ve also had many opportunities to try new styles of work, to practice old techniques, to learn from master photographers, all in the ongoing quest to develop a style all my own. Here are a few favorite images from the last few weeks. I’ll keep posting till I catch up on this fall.

Hoping you’re having fun getting ready this holiday season, and surrounding yourselves with friends, family and great food.

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