The Best Wedding Album Ever

My great-grandfather took these images of his daughter’s (my grandmother’s) marriage to my grandpa. I know he hand-created the album, so can only assume he also developed and printed the negatives and prints. Actually, knowing first-hand the legacy of perfectionism in my family, I’m fairly certain of that.
The date in the bottom corner says July 14, 1945. I am not sure “cute” is the word, but there is something truly endearing about the hands of a man born in the late 1800’s creating this book.

In this age of digital technology, with every tool available to us, I would hazard to say that even today any photographer would be very proud of capturing the image of them leaving the church. And to anyone who thinks that photojournalism is a new approach to wedding photography, the image on the left is the only posed image in the entire book. Given that he was probably shooting medium format, there are likely fewer than 100 frames from their wedding. For contrast, I shot over 1,000 at Saturday’s wedding of Trish and Roberto. And I would still kill for that image on the right. 

One Comment on “The Best Wedding Album Ever

  1. Stacey, your great grandfather would be SO proud that you are carrying the 4th generation tradition of photography in our family. Yes, he did take the pictures, plus he processed and printed them all in his darkroom, and even mounted and bound the album himself. Although the book is a little worn after 67 years, it is an heirloom that we treasure — just as your work will be treasured by all the young couples that you photograph!Thanks for sharing this memory on your blog!LoveDad

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