Honey and Chuck, Part Two | Pensacola, FL Wedding Photographer

Honey and her bridal party got ready at Pensacola’s Lee House, the owners are great family friends, and the owner is like an aunt to her. Honey was one of three brides at the bed and breakfast that morning, but I’m told she was the most important 🙂
Honey’s childhood friend did her hair, and that of all of the bridal party.
 Sitting in curlers and tying ribbons around programs. This is how the wedding morning seems to always go for the girls’ side. Everyone together, getting ready in stages, and adding some loving touches to final details. 
When Honey’s father passed away, a friend of the family (who is also a jeweler), gave this locket to Jeanne. Honey asked to carry it around her bouquet. He was with her as she walked down the aisle. 
 Chuck, his brother James, nephew and ring-bearer Wyatt, and his mother. 
 Honey and her brother, Elby.
 Jeanne, Uncle Rick, and Elby
Tomorrow – the reception!

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