Pop Songs and Photo Shoots

One of my regular family clients came to me with a unique request: “our 10 year old daughter wants to have a fashion shoot birthday party. I was wondering if you would be willing to be the photographer?” We talked about a plan, and arranged for me to come by with a backdrop and lights on Sunday night.

When I arrived, it was like I was going to a sleepover! Lots of bowls of candy and chips, a tray of soda and water, and the girls getting ready for their shoot by braiding each others hair. And of course, lots and lots of pop music. These girls were so fun…a few from their “fashion shoot”!

 More than a few photobombs took place
 Call Me Maybe?

One Comment on “Pop Songs and Photo Shoots

  1. What an awesome idea for a birthday party!! Kudos on a great theme. Looking at your images for whatever reason made me think about the Baby Sitters Club Series.

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