Wall Collections 2.0

This is so cool. So, despite much searching for a program that will let me and my wonderful clients see what their images will look like, at actual size, on the walls of their home, I had been unsuccessful thus far.

Until today! I found an amazing program that lets us not only see what the images look like, but that can also be done on my iPad, so I can do it in real time, at your home.

Check out these pictures of the process, taken in my office. The pictures I put into the template on the wall are of a client, because, sadly, I have NO good pictures of my own family. This is a motivator to change all of that!

First image – of the space where you want to hang your images. A standard sheet of paper is taped to the wall to accurately measure the size of the wall.


Second image: My chosen wall collection – in this case it’s (4) 16×16 float mounts:


And the final image, with our chosen pictures placed in the display. This image can be saved, emailed, and shared on Facebook. So cool!



I’m really looking forward to sharing this great new tool with all of my clients this fall!


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