Jackie & Trissy

This weekend I had the honor of photographing Jackie and Trissy’s wedding in LA, and on Monday in San Francisco. Jackie is my cousin (and we share a birthday) from our super-tight and very large Irish family on my mom’s side. Trissy is her new wife, and one of our favorite people, who we are so happy to now call family.

The stunning wedding was held at the Charles Haus in LA, which I was able to attend in an actual party dress and my camera was no where to be seen. I did, however, shoot them getting ready at the incredibly hip Ace Hotel. What stunningly  beautiful and soulful women they are. It was such an amazing day.

On Monday we ventured together to San Francisco, where they signed their marriage certificate in the historic San Francisco City Hall.

Jackie and Trissy, I’m so proud to be your cousin and honored to have spent the weekend working with you both! xoox – s

One Comment on “Jackie & Trissy

  1. Stacey,
    These are just spectacular, right to the end! What a great tribute to a special couple, and a a beautiful record of memories made.

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