Trusting Your Instincts

0073-Edit15. We are pack animals by nature, and the tribe equals survival. In my life I’ve always dared to desire. Learning and reaching and leaping have been a part of manifesting those dreams. But alongside that leaping has always been a “keep it safe, check this off of the list” approach first. I want to birth many businesses, travel endlessly, build a fascinating community…but first I must buy a home, have a child, build a retirement account. The gypsy and the rock living together, vying for space and time and effort. It’s the old question of fitting in. Not being too unique, too visible, too risky. The voices in my spirit that warn me of danger around every corner, failure too.

This image of Nicole and Sydney was the last frame of our session. After I had gotten all of the standard newborn images of Sydney sleeping peacefully, wrapped in a blanket, shots of toes and fingers. The whole session I had been thinking: these images have no soul. So my gypsy took front stage for a split second, and I asked Nicole to climb under her blankets and bring Sydney skin to skin. I felt at the time that that request could go either way – but my clients trust me – know that all is safe, and that I have a vision. Now I just need to remember that too.

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