Taking Flight

Osprey217. I think often of when things might calm down. When I’ll be in a rhythm that feels less risky, with an outcome I can predict. And then I remember that I’m an Aries, and I love the challenge of flight – diving into the unknown and how that uncertainty pushes the limit of what you thought was possible. Each day I create something or many things, send it out into the world, suck in my breath and hope that it’s good enough, and try not to beat myself up too much as to how much better it could have been. The life of both an artist and a businesswoman: all of this flight with no guarantee of the landing. But riding those thermals and embedding myself into the rhythms of the world is what it’s about for me, what it’s always been about.

This juvenile osprey in Challis, Idaho was newly taking flight. He was large and unsteady enough to force me to stop the car and just witness the impossible possibility of it all.


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