Blue, George and Mabel

dsc_144437. My incredibly talented friend Baylie, owner of Red Umbrella Designs, lives in the idyllic Methow Valley in Washington State. She and her team created my new Bird&Fish, Co. logo, and in exchange I photographed her sweet family. I will be posting some images of her newborn soon. But let’s give a quick minute to her first baby, Blue. In all of these years photographing families, I’ve realized that the dogs, who often came before the children, are foundational to the family relationship. They bring their personalities, their challenges, and for sure their joys. When the kids come along, they have to adapt and find a new role within the pack. Luckily for Blue, he’s got an incredible backyard along the river, a best doggie friend named George next door, and a 10 year old named Mabel across the street. All of whom can’t wait to play with him. And soon enough baby Arlo will be eating solid food, dropping whatever doesn’t interest him into the mouth of Blue, and the new pack dynamic will be forever in harmony.

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