DCRA and Space and Inspiration


IMG_245246. I have written this blog for 46 mornings now, mainly about nature, beauty, and personal growth.

But this morning, yesterday, and for about 300 days before that, my accountant and I have been in a struggle with the DC Regulatory Affairs office over something so minor it is actually mind-numbing. Calling them again had to be the first task on my to-do list or I would not do it.

So sometimes you wake up to write. And that place in your brain that should be space and inspiration is instead filled with acronyms, forms and who you need to call next. There isn’t a creative drop available to lean on. In fact, creativity is taking a break while you get this junk sorted. But without her, my mind is a drag. My job is a drag. My days feel filled with mundane tasks that do not fill me.

So I’m making a commitment today to be my creative spirit’s best (and only, really) advocate. To give space and inspiration an actual place on the calendar. It now says “8 – 9am Space and Inspiration” and “2 – 3pm Space and Inspiration” and “5:00 – 5:30pm Space and Inspiration.” Who knows if I’ll use all of those slots. And what they’ll be filled with. I’ll let you know.

I think that this is what it’s all about. Whether your an artist, an entrepreneur, an accountant or a doctor – there is something that makes you see, makes you feel alive. How do we protect that very thing and give it priority seating throughout the day? Not when it’s convenient, but when we don’t seem to have anything left?

P.S. This is a photo from my solo cross country trip a few years back. Space and Inspiration every morning. Crawl out of tent, stretch, write, map the day on the road atlas. And repeat.

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