Project Cherry Blossoms

Your challenge for this week:
Get your clients to the location on time
Hope and pray they find parking
In 20 minutes, get a great portrait of the children, with the cherry blossoms, which are typically hanging 6 feet above their heads
Hope and pray for good, warm weather, not too sunny
Battle tourist throngs to get a shot that looks serene
Fight back little old ladies, as necessary
Keep the kids white dresses somewhat clean. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, after all.

Sometimes. That’s how it feels – this thing I’ve signed up for. But I love it! This morning, we were all struggling with throngs of people. In fact, the hundreds of thousands shut down an afternoon event I had scheduled. But everyone got to the location on time, and in good spirits. And we did some good work. Like the shot above, taken around 7:10am.

This is what the area we were shooting in looked like at 6:45 – it’s usually desolate, even in peak blossom season. Everyone was there to get a frame of the sunset, which I grabbed above another photog’s head.

But we still did good work, thanks to my clients’ good cheer and lots of laughter. A few favs from today:

This was from last weekend, but I love it:

And then there is Ava Rose. We were getting her to smile, calling her name, and at least 30 people surrounding her joined in in the call “Ava” Rose!”

Oh, and then there is this…but I’ll blog about that tomorrow….

more soon…

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