Another beautiful day

Contrary to popular belief, I actually don’t live on the Tidal Basin. But these days, it sure can feel like it. Although when you get to see an incarnation of this every morning, it doesn’t feel a bad gig:

This morning I worked with Jolina and Samara, clients from last year. Although last year we worked in January on the Tidal Basin, when we got this:

And one year later, look how tall!

Working with these lovely ladies, I learned a few things. Sam is a thinker. She’s pensive and mulls a question before finding an answer. She loves bacon. And she hates to get her shoes dirty. Surprisingly, she’s one of many kids I’ve worked with this year who feel the same way. (about the dirt, I mean. I’m not sure about the bacon.)

Engagement images from the cherry blossoms tomorrow! Oh, and i still have to post on the 1000 person yoga class on the mall. More on that soon.

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