Announcements Galore! Premium Prints, Vacation, and Holiday Sessions!

Hi all,
If you are a client of Stacey Vaeth Photography, keep reading, because there are a lot of new announcements at the end of this post. If you’re just here for the pretty pictures, here are a few favorites from this week. Both of these clients returned this year with their first or second child. It’s always so fun for me to see how kids and families grow over the years. To play a role in capturing family memories is an endless honor.

Okay – on to the announcments! We’re at the beginning stages of rolling out our new product lines and offerings…and first up:

1. Print on Metallic and True Black and White paper, or add White Borders. Metallic paper is a silvery, shiny paper that really lets colors pop! Not recommended for images with a lot of white.

2. To view your images in Black and White, choose this option and the image will be converted for proofing purposes. 

3. Print your wall art (8×10 and up) as Premium Prints. When printing this large, you’ll really notice the additional love and care added to your prints. In addition to printing the image with the finish that will suit it best, we’ll also add in all retouching and artistic finishes to take your image from Great! to OHHH WOW!

4. Fees. We’re now being charged a hefty fee to store our images online. Subsequently,  your images will be online until their expiration date, and a fee of $40/month will be assessed for each extension requested. If your gallery expires and you still want to order prints, just set up an image consultation with us to order your images. If your gallery has already expired from a session prior to this change, you will receive one extension free of charge.

5. Holiday Cards and Sessions: Book now. We’re getting full for the fall! 202.276.2481

6. Vacation – We’re resting up for the busy fall season, and spending a much needed week in the mountains. We’ll have a skeleton crew from August 25 – September 6th. If you need print orders fulfilled prior to September 15th, please order before August 24th. Appointments should be made before August 25th. Appointment requests received while our offices are closed will be booked in the order that they are received.

That’s it for now, more soon!

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