Chris & Alexis – The Mandarin Oriental Hotel | Washington, DC Wedding Photographer

I had such a wonderful time photographing the wedding of Alexis and Chris on Sunday. Supported by my fantastic colleage, Jenna Issacson, we enjoyed a day free of rain and about 10 degrees cooler than any other wedding I’ve done this summer.

When I got home from the wedding, I said to my husband, “this wedding made me want to get married all over again”. After all that goes into the planning of a wedding, that’s certainly not something I say easily. But the true love and support that surrounded these two on their wedding day reminded me of why we take this step in the first place. On our wedding day, our friends and family are witness to the bond we create with our partner, to support us when times get hard, to remind us of how we felt then, and to pull us back to center. With all those who witnessed Chris and Alexis’ marriage, who cheered, clapped, danced, hugged and loved them on Saturday, I have no doubt that they will be supported for the rest of time.

A few favorites of this couple – beautiful inside and out:

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