Happy Halloween!

in my excitement about our coming trip to guatemala…i completely forgot that i have been hoarding this pic for halloween! so two posts for today….Happy Halloween! i have not yet carved my pumpkins, but for the first time in a decade have a great costume…

Guatemala and the Human Knot

a snap from the reading group my husband and i formed in siete pinos, guatemala. we lived in this little block house at 11,000 feet above sea level in the mountains of guatemala as peace corp volunteers. here you see valentine, victor, eustaquio and daniele as directed by juan, playing the always fun ‘human knot’. we’re headed back in november for the first time since january 2004. Victor – in the front is now 14, and Valentine, on the left, is likely married.

New Orleans Funky

This image was taken when i was in New Orleans on a photojournalism project. I was out around 5am and this was the only car on the street. the old/new contrast, the tonal similarities between car and building, and, of course, the awning, attract me to this image.

A shot taken in Georgetown of Sue, a really great model who knows how to help make a great shot. I used a new technique here to get the great vibrant colors, as taught by Zaid Hamad, a stellar photographer. The patriotic colors juxtaposed with the Kennedy Center, and the curve of Sue’s waist balanced with the narrowing horizon line really attracts me to this image.

Andrea and Justin – Halcyon House | Washington, DC Wedding Photographer

A few favs and snaps from Andrea and Justin’s beautiful wedding. Complete with trolley, monuments, and georgetown reception – this wedding was truly Washington, DC authentic. Andrea and Justin have just amazing friends, and they truly helped make the day spectacular.

Restaurant Hospitality Spread

This is one of my images featured in Restaurant Hospitality Magazine. Gina is mixologist extraordinaire. if you have not yet tried her Gnome Water, get yourself to Eat Bar, stat.

In this pic, she has just poured her mushroom martini. If it weren’t 10am, i would have had a sip.

When Will It End?

One of these days the construction in adams morgan will end, and my home office will once again be an oasis. until that day, it’s car alarms, clanging metal, 2×4’s falling out of the fourth story window. i am likely the only person in town praying for the threatening snow tonight. because snow = no construction.
bring it on.