Lions, Elephants and Monkey’s – Oh My!

I don’t often stop long enough to promote another company’s products, but when I was approached by Mirasa Design, I was left speechless by how much I love their toys. I instantly jumped at their request to do their photography, enlisted some of my great clients to bring their kids to model, and off we went.

Well, at long last, the product is ready for prime time! Mirasa Design is launching their My Fun Line this Saturday from 4 – 7pm. Swing on by with the kids for some fun time!

And be sure to check out the site:
For details of the event:

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Only a Few Spots Left!

They Cherry Blossom Mini Session slots flew off the shelf this year! Very few slots are left…click here to reserve before they are all gone!

Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions – Registration Now Open!

Back to London for a Final Farewell…

Well, not physically, but I am returning to the images from London to share a few of my favorites from our last night there. These are shots of the skyline of my new favorite city. It’s this magic hour when I really love photography, when the light goes perfect twilight and twinkly, and mixes with those lights that have just turned on for the evening. And a better subject than the entire skyline? Doubtful.

there it is kids, big ben. parliment.

And this very helpful sign that was on every streetcorner (are there that many tourists? Or is there another reason I’m missing?) No matter. It saved my life on a number of occasions.

more soon –

The lands of water…

I’m in Galway, Ireland right now and finally back online. Here’s a few quick pics from the last days…

Doolin coast – the Aran Islands are off to the distance on the right of the frame. This is from the shore right at the base of the town of Doolin. Doolin is a quiet little town (read: under 10 stores/restaurants/bars) known for trad music and home, I have to say, to the best seafood chowder on the planet.

Another rainy night in London…

A snowy day in Gstaad, Switzerland..

On the scenic train-ride from Geneva to Gstaad…
Castles, castles, everywhere. Decending the mountainside into Doolin.
The Burren, Ireland.