Baby in a Basket, sans basket

For regular readers of my blog, you’ll remember Noah, the baby we put (nay, nearly stuffed) into a basket down at the National Zoo…the picture generated a giggle or two…

Well, I am please to say, Noah has only gotten cuter…

and definitely polly-er…

I didn’t attempt to stuff him in the basket this time…no need. Cute babies need few props.
Parents Laura and Tom, as usual, were a joy to work with…

…Throw Daisy the dog into the mix, and then things get really cute….puppies and babies…man oh man…

Thanks Tom and Laura, for letting me share a moment in your fun lives!
More soon….

Two Slots Open – Mini Sessions this Sunday!

Our June 28th Mini Session was rained out (remember all that rain? Feels so far away now…) and our rain date is coming up on Sunday. We were able to move some folks from our original date into other mini sessions, so now have three coveted openings left.

Please pass this along to friends and family, or come join us yourself!

The Details:
Where: Montrose Park, upper Georgetown
Slots Open: 5:40, 6, and 6:20pm
Price: $35 each child, $15 each additional person
Additional benefit: Receive 10% off of a larger session with Stacey Vaeth Photography

For inspiration, a repost of the slideshow from our Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions TM.

A Full House…

On Tuesday, John is on the other end of my phone… “So I was referred to you by a colleague, who just did a mini session with you. She says you are great with kids.” And then he sounds really hesitant, and says “My kids, and their kids are all coming to my house this weekend. It’s the first time all the cousins have been together, and the first time they will all stay at my house, together.” And now he sounds a bit more hesitant, perhaps with a trace of (is that panic?) in his voice. “So..” he continues, “is that something you could do? Come and take pictures of all of us? Just do what you do?” It was a long and doubtful voice mail.

So we play phone tag for a while. And then on Thursday I get a message, “Stacey, it’s John. I’m just not able to wrangle everyone into the same place, guess it’s not going to work out.” And then Friday, morning, I get a message, with a very sick, almost voiceless John on the other line….”okay, sorry to be a pain, but if you’re still available, we’d love to have you come over today at 4:30″. And then squealing, shouting, running, and definitely the pitter-patter of tons of little feet. Poor John sounded quite overwhelmed.

So I show up, and John is outside on the front step waiting for me, and ushered me into the house, to meet all the family. At this point he sounds much healthier, and the second the grandkids spot him and he spots them, although they have been together all day, they all light up like you would not believe. He is so proud of his family, it was just a beautiful sight. We had a blast shooting all the different combination’s and permutations of generations and partners, and I have to think that this was a really fun activity for the family gathering. Different family members commented on how many people there were, and how hard it would be to get them all, to which I responded….”are you kidding? I just did a 20 person family reunion for a full day. This is nothin’.” More on that in the next post.

In the meantime, a few of my fav’s:

Oh, and then there was this moment. Jack, the oldest cousin, got a hold of his dad’s camera. The majority of the family was hanging around on the porch while I was working with one of the couples. I turn around, and Jack is arranging them all for his photograph. And he is mimicking me PERFECTLY. “okay…you slide over here, next to her, and you step back there” – look at his hand gesture. It’s exactly what I do. wonder if he had more luck remembering everyone’s names?

more soon-

Almost a Knock Out….

I ran a marathon this weekend. In circles. Around really cute kids. Our mini sessions on Saturday were held at Cabin John Park, in MD, and on Sunday at Van Ness’ Turtle Park, in DC.
Both locations provided a lot of challenges and opportunities. Just my kind of shoot.

For a minute there I questioned my sanity, it was Jungle Gym: 1 Photographer: 0 for the first round…but I think we pulled it out at the end. Loads of great color and texture really got me thinking outside of the box, and I think, reflected the spirit of these beautiful kids’ personalities.

Here are a few quick fav’s from the weekend.

Rooftop Madness

So, if you have been following me on Facebook, you know I was seeking a rooftop for a shoot. We found an ideal spot for last night, thanks to you know who (we sort of snuck up there and then snuck over a guardrail, so i’ll keep my accomplice anonymous).We were looking for an unobstructed view of the sky, and got somewhat close. However, we were cautious. Not because of the lack of guardrail, but because of the circles drawn in random squishy spots all over the roof, with the word “hole” written next to them.

There is only one explanation for that diagram, and it ain’t a technical one. I can’t believe i didn’t take a picture. Guess I was trying not to fall in.

So. This was my first semi-successful twilight shoot. I have a lot to learn, but it was a fun go.

We first got settled….

…and played with the small flashes. I was trying to balance the artificial light with how I anticipated the ambient twilight was going to look. I am sure that there is something I wasn’t taking into consideration as to how to push the twilight-look of the sky by adjusting my exposure compensation, but on the fly I couldn’t figure it out. Although I still like this shot.

…then the sky began to deepen…

…and we got dramatic. Throwing a sari and gold pants into the mix never hurts…

Or perhaps a cute cocktail dress and heels? Is this the 2009 equivalent of vacuuming in heels and pearls?

A happy accident, cityscape building silhouettes on the horizon. And Kelly embraces her true, happy, ever-optimistic inner yogi.

…Ximena got beautifully bendy…sigh. I wish the shot did this pose justice. Next time.

And then beautiful Kelly got still for me so that I could capture her as is, in her lovely green dress.

more to come….sv

Cora and Alden

I had the pleasure of working with close friend and PR guru Amber Pfau (owner of Amber Pfau Communications) this afternoon. The focus were her beautiful children, as though there could be any other focus with them around. I have to say, as I was shooting these, I thought back to how many times I look at pictures of me with my brother and sister when we were their age. Pretty amazing to know that these cuties will one day grow up and say “look how little we were!”

we’re done.

more soon –

Mt. P welcomes Past Tense Studio

Emma Saal – Yoga Teacher, Past Tense

A new yoga studio is opening in Mt. Pleasant on July 13. Past Tense yoga studio is founded by freelance writer, Kelly Dinardo, and I’ll be contributing what I can as teacher, mentor, and resident photographer. Particularly of interest to those reading this post, the studio will also serve as a real, honest to goodness, photography studio space for Stacey Vaeth Photography.

I can’t tell you how excited and lucky I am to be a part of this endeavor. Kelly was one of those people in my life that pushed and supported me to start Stacey Vaeth Photography. She’s a brilliant freelancer, ever optimistic, fair and hard-working.

So when her long-held dream of opening a studio began to ripen (like all good ideas, it came as an inkling that wouldn’t go away, and then blossomed into the next, inevitable step of her life) and she asked me to be a part of it by contributing my creative vision, well, I was honored.

In just two short months, she has built a beautiful yoga studio, gutting the old office space that lay vacant for too long. I put my creative spin on a few things, but the master vision and action is all Kelly.

Past Tense promises to be a creative enclave in Mt. Pleasant, where people can come to discover themselves and a develop a greater connection with their true purpose on this life.

Join us this Saturday for an open house – from 10 – 2, Sunday at 7pm for a free outdoor yoga class with yours truly (across the street from the Studio) and on Monday for our inaugural classes.

For those of you who are signed up for mini sessions this weekend with me, don’t worry, I haven’t double booked, I’ll be at the open house after we finish up, around 11:00 am.

And now, the pictures. This fun project continues still, but here are a few to kick it off. I’m still lacking a few of our teachers, but…Presenting…most of the teachers of Past Tense yoga studio:

Yours Truly, Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez (photo by: John Vaeth)





Kelly Dinardo, Owner, Past Tense

And from our first outdoor yoga class in Lamont Park, Mt. Pleasant:

More soon…in the meantime, check out

Mini Sessions are Back!

Join us for our ever popular Mini Sessions, July 11th at Cabin John Park in MD, and July 12th at Turtle Park, DC. Shoot us a note to reserve one of the last few slots available on each day. Last weekend we had great weather and great moods out at our Montrose Park mini sessions – a few of my fav’s are below – enjoy!

I hope you’re having a great summer!
more soon – sv