Headshots = Boring?

I do quite a bit of headshots for the movers and shakers around town, and love it when I get a chance to work a bit out of the box. Before having a new headshot done, be sure to think through the spirit that you want to convey to your viewer, client or customer. We can do the standard and necessary “head and shoulders in front of a backdrop” look, but also build in some time to do something a little more personal, a little more unique. 
Yogi Ximena Gutierrez, shot for Past Tense Studio

Cynthia Press, shot for Eldad Moraru Realty

 Barbara O’Reilly

Ordering Paralysis?

Do you have visions of a classic, vibrant and personal hallway display of family photographs, but are stuck on what to order from your photo sessions? Just a reminder that I offer in-person print consultations, free of charge, to all clients. It’s a great way to view items not offered for sale within your online gallery, such as the Heritage prints, albums, storyboards, gallery clusters, and more.

Plus, you’ll get to view your images without a watermark on a big screen, do side-by-side comparisons, and talk with me about what makes a great heirloom piece.

I hope to see you soon!

Some More Blossoms

Some cherry blossom pics that lost their way in the mad rush of the spring. What a fantastic group of kids I had this year. We had so much fun at the Tidal Basin. It was comparatively low-key, partially because no one was freezing this year! Just springtime fun in the park.
A almost cannot believe that Cullen is this big. 
I was shooting his sister before he was even a gleam in his mom’s eye! 

Baby Catherine and the Growing Family

I’ve been working with John and Beth’s family now for three years. When Margaret was a tiny baby, they called me for a newborn session.

Margaret, as an infant.
 The full family

We then did a session when she was a bit older, which you can read about here. The very next year, Beth emails and says: “John and I recently welcomed a new baby sister for Margaret, Lauren Avery”. Beth has these family-heirloom blankets for each of the girls, woven with different colored yarn, so we wrapped each girl into them for their newborn sessions. 

Here’s Lauren, as an infant.  


The family, with two. 

And lo and behold! The very next year, Beth got back in touch, saying that they welcomed the third baby into their family, little Catherine. They moved into a lovely new home, but away from their first DC house, in Capitol Hill. So we did their family session this year in front of the Capitol building.

The family, with three. 
 Lauren, at two.
 Catherine’s newborn session:

 Catherines’ beautiful blanket. And full chubby cheeks.

So….see you next year, Beth and John?!
The family, with four, would be a great next shot 🙂

The Best Wedding Album Ever

My great-grandfather took these images of his daughter’s (my grandmother’s) marriage to my grandpa. I know he hand-created the album, so can only assume he also developed and printed the negatives and prints. Actually, knowing first-hand the legacy of perfectionism in my family, I’m fairly certain of that.
The date in the bottom corner says July 14, 1945. I am not sure “cute” is the word, but there is something truly endearing about the hands of a man born in the late 1800’s creating this book.

In this age of digital technology, with every tool available to us, I would hazard to say that even today any photographer would be very proud of capturing the image of them leaving the church. And to anyone who thinks that photojournalism is a new approach to wedding photography, the image on the left is the only posed image in the entire book. Given that he was probably shooting medium format, there are likely fewer than 100 frames from their wedding. For contrast, I shot over 1,000 at Saturday’s wedding of Trish and Roberto. And I would still kill for that image on the right. 

Springtime in the Park

Emily and Steve were such a great couple to shoot with. Relaxed, healthy and totally in love, they arrived for their engagement session just a few weeks out from their wedding day. They really prioritized intimacy for their wedding, and stuck with a very tight 30-person guest list. I’d love to hear if anyone else has been able to make that happen?! Anyone who has planned a wedding knows how hard sticking to a really small guest list can be (myself included).

Many congratulations to you both!

Trish and Roberto – Rockville Hilton | Rockville, MD Wedding Photographer

Okay, I have too many selects here to write a ton. Except to say that Trish and Roberto were the loveliest, calmest bride and groom at their gorgeous wedding yesterday. The love and support that they very clearly share with each other was so evident in their families and bridal party as well. What a blessing to be a part of their (seriously perfect) day. See you guys soon, I hope! Have a blast in Mexico.

Trish and her mom….

Trish’s Dad, on the way to the ceremony. Surrounded by flowers.

 The bride, before walking down the aisle
 Roberto’s brother and Trish’s sister, Best Man and Maid of Honor
Each of them had written what they loved about each other and given it to the priest. 
Here, he’s reading it aloud. 
 This priest also married Trish’s parents, 34 years ago. He’s also the priest in the church where Roberto’s parents are really active members.

 I remember when I had my First Communion. This picture brings me right back to the weight that Sacrament carried for me. A rite of passage.
 The awesome bridal party…ready to celebrate!

 The Rockville Hilton did a knockout job in transforming their space into
glamorous and intimate party room.
 The cocktail hour in the atrium
 The always awesome band, Spectrum, from Washington Talent.

 The super sweet and hilarious toasts. I believe Roberto’s brother is announcing here that he’s single. I’ll help him out and spread the word on my blog, too 🙂
 The Hathway clan (Trish’s family) “voting” if they would let Roberto marry into the family or not. You’ll be relieved to know he’s in. 
 Mother of the Groom and Roberto.
 Father of the bride and mother of the groom, dancing.
 Gotta love the flower girls expression. 
I have a feeling she dreamt about her own future wedding last night!
 Not to be outdone by a public vote, the boys did “the Canoe” for everyone’s enjoyment! 
What a blast the party was! Wish you guys my very best, though it looks like with family like this, you’ll be just fine 🙂
Fabulous Second Photographer: Christine Barker, Christine Barker Photography
The Venue: Rockville, Hilton (reception)
St. Jane de Chantal, Bethesda (ceremony)
Flowers: Lilly-Kate Floral Design
Dress: coming soon…
Cake: coming soon….
Band: Spectrum
Videography: Washington Talent