A Sweet Surprise

Two years ago this month, I did a mini session with Leslie and Cole. Leslie arranged the shoot with her, then 7 year old boy, as a surprise for her husband.

A few months ago, I received a call from Andre, Leslie’s husband, saying “I’m cooking up a surprise, and hoping you can be a part of it.” It turns out that Andre and Leslie are pregnant with their second child. Andre wanted to create a day to celebrate Leslie in her maternal beauty, full of hair, makeup, a day off of work, and a maternity photo shoot. I jumped at the chance to be a part of this super fun project. We did the shoot last week, Leslie telling me that she cried when Andre revealed the surprise. Tears of happiness, for sure. She’s so lovely, and made the perfect subject for the shoot. Many, many congratulations Leslie, Andre and Cole! I cannot wait to meet your new addition.

Fall Baby Love

Laura and Phillipe are friends from the yoga studio, Laura being an amazing yoga teacher. About a year ago, they gave birth to their first baby, Dahlia Coco. We spent a sun-drenched morning up in Rock Creek Park to capture the year mark. 

 aaaawwww. She was SO good all morning, had just HAD ENOUGH!
Better with Daddy.

Phoebe and John | Washington, DC Wedding Photographer

New Beginnings

Do you remember the first day you moved into a new house? The rooms are empty of furniture but full of potential, of dreams, visions of joy, family and friends. I loved helping this vision of one of my annual clients come true. We were brainstorming where to shoot the kids this fall, and she suggested their new home. It’s new construction, and was nearly ready for them to move in when we did this shoot. Hank and Jude were, as usual, adorably active. Almost as cute as their parents.

More soon….


Infant shoots don’t require too much of an introduction. This one, however, was unique. Paige, the two week old baby, slept for the pretty much the entire shoot. Parents, feel free to post in the comments how much your baby slept at their infant session…I assure you, the average is probably 30 minutes. Max.

But no matter how much we moved her around, little Paige was mellow and sleepy. And her big sister, Josephine, well, she must have led the way in mellow kids. She was so patient, and just hung around for the entire session, entertaining herself and occasionally jumping in to give a kiss to little sis.

Paige woke up just long enough to give us this! 
It was so fun to spend a glorious fall afternoon in the park with you guys!

Working with Friends

Working with great friends is such a joy (and a bit of pressure. the pressure is all self-induced, I assure you). The most wonderful part about it is that my tribe is really relaxed around me. They’ll joke and play and input their own ideas about a shot, without first thinking about first impressions. Hence this hilarious and beautiful maternity session with my best friends Erin and Adam.

Okay, despite creative ideas, I admit that I was a bit nervous that passerby’s would think I was making one of my clients do this!!

They just moved into this great apartment and have a little entry alleyway that reminds me of both great light and walking the gang plank all at once. When I said, “this would be a great place for photographs” I’m not sure that this is what I meant 🙂

But oh, how hilarious. And how fitting for these two goofy, fun and light people.

Such a cute, urban couple. Erin and I actually met on the street outside of Foggy Bottom Metro seven years ago. She’s my best friend now, and I’ll be there for the birth of her first child (did you hear that Erin? First…that means there may be more :). 
Talk to strangers, people! 
Introducing myself to her may the best sentence I have ever uttered….next to “I do”.

I totally would never ask any one of my maternity couples to JUMP – but, well, there you go.

Just six weeks to go – OH MY!


Pride is a tricky thing for an artist.
There’s that little thing called perfectionism, first of all.


Then there’s the to-do list a mile long, that always makes one feel slightly incomplete. A bit undone.
Pride never is an emotion that swells to the top of the food chain. It’s always chomped on by doubt, ambition, exhaustion, and distraction.

But when I work for a client who can achieve their goals, wipe something major off of their to-do list as a result of my help, well, that does make me feel proud.

One of the areas in which I’ve been working this year has been in corporate branding. I’ve done all the photography for Metrocurean.com, mirasadesign.com, American Association of University Women, and many more awesome clients. The most recent was Allan Woods Flowers. We are still building their portfolio of images, but just a second ago I flipped to their website, just to see their progress, and voila! found a gorgeous new site, featuring their amazing arrangements and enveloping, fragrant shop featured full frame. To see my photography accurately depict their artistry…ah. It’s the feeling of great satisfaction.

And to have my photography support the liveliehood of an amazing team of professionals supporting our local neigborhood, even better.

But the best of all is shooting a room full of gorgeous flower arrangements. Can you say delicious?

Now if someone could just help me get my new website done.

Andrea and Kyle

What a busy fall! But the leaves are beginning to turn and that fall light is so gorgeous that it just keeps me inspired the whole season long. From shoots with my awesome corporate clients, including Allan Woods Flowers and the American Association of University Women, to mini sessions with little ones and weddings with older ones, the diversity of work is keeping me on my toes. I’m loving every second of it.

Kyle and Andrea came to me for an engagement session, and were so amazing to work with. They’re super easy going with each other, and were dedicated to this session enough to get up EARLY. Andrea had her makeup and hair done before our 8am shoot and they arrived at the Lincoln Memorial gorgeous and ready to go. The early start totally paid off, as we got gorgeous light, cool temps, and virtually no tourists. Enjoy!

The very spot Kyle proposed to Andrea. At least they think. Turns out he slightly mis-timed their surprise trip to the Lincoln, where he intended to propose. By the time they got down there it was pretty dark and he was reconsidering the safety of his decision 🙂 It all turned out well though – as he still got down on one knee and she said yes!

Wowee. Got to love that early morning fall light.

Many congratulations you two! It was a joy to work with you!