Springtime Mini Sessions, so Soon!

Silly me! I spoke too soon….

We’ve been waiting over here to see how this crazy winter would shape up, and how it would impact the Cherry Blossom season. I was hoping to open registration today for the Cherry Blossom and Springtime Mini Sessions. However….the National Park Service is going to predict the peak cherry blooms on March 1st, so it makes the most sense to wait. Once those dates are out, we’ll be back in touch with dates and registration.

We’ll also let you know about some exciting new springtime offerings. Stay tuned!

Mini Sessions on the Horizon!

Be on the lookout for our spring mini session 
schedule, coming out tomorrow!


The Season Begins!

Shooting season begins once again as the taxes, organizing, planning, re-assessing season winds down. I like to think of my business as going through internal and external phases. December 24 – about mid-February is the internal time when I work on the guts of everything…and again in July when it’s too darn hot to do anything. The rest of the time is shoot, process images, meet with clients, print, prepare, repeat. Pretty cool to see this cycle repeat itself for the last three years, without fail.

So we’re going up up up the roller coaster, winding our way to the top for the shooting cycle kick-off. And what a session to kick off with! Loved working with Caitlin and Mike, who were great to join me so early in the morning, down in Old Town, Alexandria.

They’re a fantastic, low-key couple who were clearly great in front of the camera. Happy engagement guys! Enjoy these months of planning and thinking about your wedding and marriage, it’s unlike any other stage in your life….

The Heritage Print

My favorite custom product for 2012 – our new Heritage print. I was just at the framers, building two pieces for a client, and thought I’d share the process.

Hand printed on watercolor paper, with a hand-decked edge, these pieces are more painting than print. I worked with the always awesome folks at the Framer’s Workroom (if you haven’t been, these will become your go-to framers once you discover them) to come up with the custom frame style. They do the archival preparation of the piece and floats it over the extra wide mat. They also custom build the wood frame.

Then I cut and place the spacers, which creates a “floating look” that amplifies the focus on the edge detail and print texture.

From there, I clean and lay museum glass (UV protection and non-glare), add the back support and cover, and apply frame hangers to the back.

And voila! My favorite piece. I was in and out feeding the parking meter while doing this over the course of 3 hours, and totally forgot to take a final picture of the piece, not the wrapping :), but below is an image of another clients’ final Heritage print.

Come by sometime if you’d like to check it out in person and see if this treatment is a fit for your images.