Sanjeev and Jennifer – Strathmore Music Center | Bethesda, MD Wedding Photographer

Sanj and Jen are married! I worked with this couple last fall, just about a year ago exactly, when we met up in a freezing cold Meredian Hill Park for their engagement session. For their wedding, Jen’s only wish was that the fall leaves were in all their glory, and, well, that it didn’t rain. We got her wish, and mine. Perfectly overcast skies, gorgeous fall color, not to mention an incredibly fun group of people to work with.

Talented photographer Les came along to assist, and we had a great time.
Latham Hotel, Georgetown canalside, St. Ann’s in Tenleytown, and Strathmore Music Hall provited great inspiration and perfect locations for their amazing day.
Congratulations Sanj and Jen!!

more soon…

Toasty Warm

A few from my afternoon shoot today…
so cold!
so much warmer….
and happier!
Beautiful Ava and mom….
And with Dad….
more soon,

A Little Stocking Stuffer

We’re in the holiday mood! I had a really fun show on Saturday at Past Tense, highlighting my new line of products…thanks to many of my clients and friends that made it out in the monsoon rain. Keep an eye out here for a post on all the new products we are offering. But I couldn’t resist a quick post. Because, really now, a new baby, a new home, and Christmas in October…what’s not to love? I just adore these clients, from the energy to the pre-session thinking about clothing and objectives, all is there. It was a fun, fun day. 

more soon…

Will I See You Saturday?

At long last! My new line of products is ready to launch. This has been a long-held goal of mine, to be able to provide my clients with different boutique products to display images from their sessions. From Kolo linen albums, to the most amazing photo boxes (if I do say so myself), to storyboards (9 images in one big presentation box), there’s tons of new stuff.

Come over to our new shared studio space in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday from 2 – 6pm. Touch. Feel. Gab. Eat. Place your Holiday Orders and breathe a sigh of …. ‘done’ before the holiday rush even begins.

Of course after the show, all will be available online. But who wants to sit on the computer? Come and mingle!

The Details:
*october 24th from 2 – 6pm
*past tense studio – 3253 mt. pleasant st.
washington, dc 20010 (corner of Park and Mt. Pleasant)
*bring a guest! children welcome!
*on street parking available

See you then and bring a friend!


If you were to ask me one word to describe my photographic style, I would say Color.
I love color. Not just a little, but bold rainbow stripes of color. My kitchen is yellow and my living room is red. My car is purple. Ironically I wear a lot of black.

Before I was a photographer, I was a painter. Back when I lived in an apartment three times the size of my current coop at a 7th of the price. Granted, I had to live in Buffalo…but i digress. Back to color. I painted bold swaths of color all day and night, moving the oil this way and that, diluting, blending, edging the angled brush endlessly, in an effort to get the deepest saturation possible.

So I look at my images these days, and that’s what I see. Last night, photographing my boldest client yet (it’s 40 degrees and raining, she’s nine and a half months pregnant, it’s dinner time, and she says “can we go outside?” and I say “halleluja I thought you’d never ask!!”) I see this:

That line of orange just raining down on them just got me. I love it. The ripple of street light on the wet street … it just screams… “welcome home! cozy blankets and chicken soup awaiting inside”.

Rain saturates the colors of the natural world just as an edging brush does to oil paint. The photographic opportunities these next few days are endless…if i can only keep my fingers warm enough to push the shutter. Another point for painting.

Oh, and I was at the White House this morning, shooting stills to accompany a video of Sam Kass. He’s the White House chef and helping promote young chefs, healthy school lunches, and a bunch of other really admirable stuff.

Both shoots tomorrow have been postponed due to rain (wimpy 2 year olds 🙂 – so more on the flip side.

Learning from the Master….

“This is a really good way to raise kids,” my three year old mind whispers, as my Dad and I are walking side by side through a National Forest.

And so I ask him, “what is the name of your job?” to which he responds “I’m a photographer”. I counter, insistently “No! What’s the real name of your job? The exact name?” I wanted to store that title away like a sacred acorn so that when I got married, my husband could have that exact job, and our kids could experience what my brother and I were living, in that moment.

Turns out my Dad was a Kodak photographer, a job which sent us cross country in a red station wagon, to Estes or Sequoia National Parks. All summer, our weekends were spent at the top of mountains, Dad rising at the break of dawn for early morning nature walks…leading a gaggle of photographic students from picturesque scene to scene.

I learned two things from this memory. First, kids are listening, so watch what you say. Second, we are all given gifts, which ironically, we take for granted. I used to feel that the things that came naturally to me, and brought me the most joy fell into the category of “hobby”, and a job was something else, something ultimately less joyful.

The ah-ha moment came 26 years after my insistent question, when I realized that I had known all along what career would bring me joy. I just had to rewire my brain that in my family, the mom would have the job with the camera. I started my photographic business on January 5, 2008, and haven’t looked back a single day.

Okay, I did look back once. Last week, at the pumpkin patch, I couldn’t help myself from recreating another little memory…

Me, as photographed by my Dad. Circa 1980, right around the time of my first memory
of how great it would be to be a photographer.

29 years after I was laying on my belly between two pumpkins, I photographed this client.
She was much happier.

more memories to come, or to be made…

Let the Sun Shine In

As we come upon the fall – so rapidly – here are some of the faces I have met over the last week. Some of secrets told..

Of brotherhood shared…

Of the moments before…

Of impending adolescence…

Of moments with family…spread far and wide…

Of the wide-eyed wonderment of youth…

and of a fall…blossoming with new beginnings…

see you on the 24th at our holiday gift show!
more to come-

Little Baby Girl…

I have had the blessing of doing three infant shoots (as young as 12 hours old through 2 weeks old) in the last two weeks. It’s really such an intimate time to be pointing my camera around. I can feel all the energy of getting ready for the baby, creating the nursery, wishing, hoping, waiting, still hanging around the house like little wisps of memory.

Just a handful of hours earlier these two individuals were just people, and now they are parents…the magnitude of this time in their lives can be felt on the air, even for a stranger like me.

more soon…sv

Little Pumpkins – Part 2

A few more….I couldn’t resist…

tomorrow – two mini sessions….catching up on client galleries today.
more soon,

Little Pumpkins

Say hello to my cover baby for this season…a joyful shot to open up my website. This little Gillian is such a cutie, and she was into these pumpkins! It has been a while since I uploaded my images from a shoot and was shocked at what popped onto the screen. Remember with film, when you just had a feeling of what your pictures might look like, and how exciting it was when you flipped through them, crisp from the lab, and saw what you shot for the first time? I had that feeling when I saw this image on my screen.

On Saturday morning, I joined Liz and nine families at her beautiful home. She had tons of windows, front porch, great hardwood floors from the early 20th century, a season-perfect fence, and so much more. The only struggle i had was to choose where to shoot with each child. So, as my mini sessions go, I worked with each family for 20 minutes…here are some of my favorites from the session. I’ll post more tomorrow or later today – there were about 30 favs that I couldn’t narrow down.

More soon…mini sessions, baby, mini sessions, baby, engagement….it’s been a busy weekend!