Danielle and Matt

Danielle and Matt came to me with a familiar story. Their dream wedding planning was getting a little out of hand. Matt said “when we added a thousand dollars a day for seven days in a row to our wedding budget, we decided we needed to change our plans a bit.” And did they ever. They scaled the guest list way back, moved the party from Savannah, Georgia to Las Vegas, and reduced the planning timeline by almost a year. The Bellagio will be the amazing location for their wedding this coming spring, but in the meantime, they wanted to capture their engagement in a more DC-distinct style. So fun!

Wedding Style at the Cherry Blossoms

I met Tom and Rebecca on their honeymoon. My husband and I were taking a much needed vacation to the beach, and Toma and Rebecca were honeymooning at the same resort in Antigua, West Indies, after hosting a rocking destination wedding in Mexico.

We quickly clicked, and discovered that we all lived in the DC metro area. They asked me to do a DC style shoot of them in their wedding clothes after they returned and got settled in, which of course immediately struck us that it just had to be done under the cherry blossoms.

So we met on Friday night, them in their wedding splendor, but completely relaxed and with no where to go (what a treat!). We wandered the tidal basin, chatted and caught up, and grabbed some great shots. What a fun way to spend an evening, in great company with the intention of making great images, under glorious skies. Enjoy! 

Cherry Blossoms and Balloons, oh my!

Sima and Richard were so much fun to work with! Engaged for just a while, and dating for fewer than two years, they were so at ease with each other. It’s easy to see how they fit together, easy going and fun-loving, both of them. Richard proposed with a balloon as his prop, so their wedding theme will definitely be incorporating balloons. I love that Sima thought to bring one to our session down on the Tidal Basin. It was almost as if it were carpeted in snow, those blossoms were so full. Gorgeous afternoon, gorgeous couple. What more can you ask for?! Congratulations you guys!

Cherry Blossoms – Day 1, Part 2

Yesterday, I awoke to pouring down rain and crackling thunder. It wasn’t forecasted, so I hopped into the car at 6am, hoping that it would clear before our scheduled Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions. After some calls with my early morning clients, we decided to all go down, park and wait it out. Which we did, and which worked out beautifully. Very few tourists (comparatively speaking), great blossoms, and gorgeous light.

Here’s Annabelle, my first time working with her, and what a star she was. She loves her great blond hair, and new party dress. She must have felt like a princess yesterday….

Followed by Samara, whom I’ve been working with since the inaugural year of our Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions…how she’s grown into a beautiful young girl. 

I returned in the afternoon to shoot an Engagement Session for Sima and Richard, more of their pics later on today or tomorrow. What spirit!

 And here is my last shot of the night….

 Incidentally, four of my five clients from yesterday were stopped by various news channels, asking if they would allow their picture to be taken for publication/web/tweets, etc. So…if you’re looking for clothing and accessories inspiration, look no further!

Cherry Blossoms – Day 1, Part 1

It all started with a crackling, lightning filled sky….
and broke open to a gorgeous morning.

Off to an engagement session, but a quick post of my first frame out of the camera this morning. This is out of the camera, no post-production:

Followed by beautiful Cardin, whom I’ve been photographing since she was very little….this is the first year she didn’t have to wear a coat (or hat, mittens, scarf, a second coat….) to the Cherry Blossom Mini Session! More tonight from our dynamic kids from this morning.

Springtime Mini Sessions Registration Now Open!

Happy Spring! We’ve been waiting over here at Stacey Vaeth Photography to see how this crazy winter would shape up, and how it would impact the Cherry Blossom season. We are now ready to schedule our yearly Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions! This years dates are: March 25, 27, 29 and 31.

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However, for those who would like to try something new this year (or avoid the crowds and traffic!) join us for our new Springtime Mini Sessions! This year, we’re creating some super fun props for the session, including water features! The Springtime Mini Sessions will be held at my new home studio, in Silver Spring, MD. Help us inaugurate our new space!
Springtime Mini Session dates are:
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