Some Friday Cuteness

These little twins were such crack-ups at our session a few weeks back. The last time I saw them, they were in momma’s belly, waiting to be born. Such an amazing thing to see how big they are – already! Happy friday all, stay cool out there.




Baby Number Three

Christine and her husband welcomed baby number three, and their first boy, to the family this summer. We did a session in Rose Park, in Georgetown, to capture the moment. Congratulations to you guys!

Baby Stella with the Butterflies

Grace and Garrett created the most amazing shared living/nursery space for baby Stella in their Foggy Bottom home. I love their use of simple textures and unexpected details, highlighted by a modern color palette. It was a beautiful, place, and family, to shoot Stella’s newborn session. 

Honey and Chuck, Part 3 | Pensacola, FL Wedding Photographer

Part Three of Honey and Chuck’s wedding weekend. 
Before we dive into photos, I have to say that one of the things my husband and I love so much about living in Maryland is the southern hospitality that we’ll encounter once in a while. It’s quite the distinction from where we are from New York, and certainly from the hustle of living in DC. Well, southern hospitality must have been created in Pensacola. I’ve never met such a uniformly gracious and kind community as Honey and Chuck’s family and friends. It was a true pleasure to work with them and share in their joy. 
Now onto your regularly scheduled photos!
The super fun bridal party
The newlyweds

The story of the reception site is quite a tear jerker. When Elby brought me over to see it in the days before the wedding; a large lot on the water, with the hustle and bustle of workers setting up tents, lanterns, dance floors. He began to point out some things….”…this is the original driveway. Of course we had to restore some of the brick work here, and this brick fence is original as well. There used to be a swing here….” This foundation was all that remained of their family home, which, along with many of their most cherished possessions, was destroyed in Hurricane Ivan. 
Jeanne wanted the reception to feel like home. To be comfortable and welcoming. She found these wrought iron gates, and said that the inspiration the reception design stemmed from there. She created an absolute picture perfect space, with the help of some great friends (including a friend who lent her an office in Pensacola to work from and have packages mailed to). Astonishingly, she was able to keep the entire look a secret from Honey and Chuck. Their jaws dropped to the floor when they saw it.
The foyer of the tent, so welcoming and classically beautiful. The chandeliers and lanterns were just a brilliant touch! 
 The most challenging thing to find, according to Jeanne, was a tent without poles. This one just provided an expansive view without interruption, which comfortably accommodated the 250 guests. 
This is the head table. How gorgeous is this?! I want my dining room to look this good. An oversized mirror propped against the tent wall reflected the accent lighting throughout the space. Large trees and plants filled the room, not to mention the custom floral arrangements. The table is a rustic piece, large enough to seat 12. The bridal party sat cozily for dinner, the couple cuddling up on their couch. For the rest of the reception space, there were elegant, lantern-lit tables set about, with a spectacular series of food stations lining the edges of the room. The space and the rhythm of the reception struck the elusive perfect balance of effortless ease. It felt like, well, home.
Adirondack chairs provided picturesque seating overlooking the water.
A swing, reminiscent of the one that hung when Honey was a little girl on that very land, provided a romantic moment to reflect. 
The fountain, elegant cocktail tables, outdoor bar and delicate lights made the outdoor cocktail area as fun as the indoor gala space.
The tent. Pensacola is a small town, and everyone was driving by in the days before the wedding to see the “big tent” that had gone up. I witnessed two slow-driving cars and peering eyes myself.
During the toasts, Jeanne brought tears to everyone’s eyes as she relayed her love for her late husband and her family, and wished Honey and Chuck a beautiful life together. Elby, Honey’s landlord in DC, as well as brother, told her that the rent was still due on the first. 
Striking a pose during the Vanderbuilt fight song with her fellow alumni…
 Chuck went to Clemson. Quite the rivalry. 
And to top off a perfect night, Honey and Chuck rode off in style. 
You two, it was quite a blessing to share in your wedding week with you and your families! 
Let’s do an anniversary party next year. I’ll bring my camera, you arrange the fun 🙂

Honey and Chuck, Part Two | Pensacola, FL Wedding Photographer

Honey and her bridal party got ready at Pensacola’s Lee House, the owners are great family friends, and the owner is like an aunt to her. Honey was one of three brides at the bed and breakfast that morning, but I’m told she was the most important 🙂
Honey’s childhood friend did her hair, and that of all of the bridal party.
 Sitting in curlers and tying ribbons around programs. This is how the wedding morning seems to always go for the girls’ side. Everyone together, getting ready in stages, and adding some loving touches to final details. 
When Honey’s father passed away, a friend of the family (who is also a jeweler), gave this locket to Jeanne. Honey asked to carry it around her bouquet. He was with her as she walked down the aisle. 
 Chuck, his brother James, nephew and ring-bearer Wyatt, and his mother. 
 Honey and her brother, Elby.
 Jeanne, Uncle Rick, and Elby
Tomorrow – the reception!

Honey and Chuck | Pensacola, FL Wedding Photographer

Honey, Chuck and I met here in Washington, DC, when I did their engagement session. Though their pooch Bo stole the show then, they wowed everyone with their out of this world wedding in Pensacola, Florida.

Honey’s Bridal Luncheon was held at the Pensacola Country Club, an elegant and light-filled space perfect for an intimate gathering. Honey’s mom, Jeanne, planned a picture-perfect look for each setting, complete with silver tea-sets and vases from Honey’s great grandmother.

Fresh mint filled the pieces, and the room with a light, summertime feel.
 Fitting the theme, the guests each received an engraved pewter mint julep cup.
The hostess was gracious enough to set a place for me at each event, so I had the major perk of enjoying some fantastic food over the weekend. A favorite – fresh fruit sorbet to finish off lunch.
Honey and her mom, Jeanne.
The Bridal Party
 Jeanne, Mother of the Bride.

On to the Rehearsal!
Bride and Grom sneaking a look at each other during the rehearsal
The ring bearer, Chuck’s nephew Wyatt, taking it all in. 
The Atlas Fish House, a super fun location for the rehearsal dinner and after party

 Bride and Groom, the night before! 
 Tomorrow, the wedding!

It’s Not About the Gear Photo Classes, Just Announced!

It’s Not About the Gear Photography Classes
10am – 12pm
July 28, August 4, August 11

I get one question more than any other:
Q. What camera should I buy to take good pictures?
A. It’s not about the camera. Not to say that a high quality camera and lens selection aren’t important. Of course they are. But the fundamentals of photography are housed in the ever-expanding instincts and knowledge of the photographer. Buying the $7,979.99 bike that Lance Armstrong rode to win the Tour de France may make riding a little easier, but I ain’t winning the Tour on it.
Join us for a summertime photo class series to learn how to use the camera that you do have to its fullest capacity. The foundation topics we’ll cover can apply to shooting people, landscapes, abstracts or anything else you can dream up.
Part 1: Settings. A focus on moving your camera from program settings to all manual. We’ll discuss camera settings and answer all of your questions. We’ll view some successful and not-so-successful images to illustrate the impact of making different setting choices.
Part 2: Composition. Have you ever taken a picture of something gorgeous and inspirational; only to view it later and say “it looked so much better in person?” The compositional choices you make as a photographer determine the visual impact of the final product. Learn to compose your images to create the image you intended.
Part lecture/part shooting.
Part 3: Lighting.  In this class, we’ll discuss natural light techniques and put them into practice on location. Minimal lecture, mainly shooting.
A digital SLR is recommended, but not required for this series. Please bring all lenses that you have, a digital memory card, and a charged battery.
Stacey will roam throughout the group during the workshops to view your images as you shoot, and answer your questions.
This series is intended for the novice to intermediate photographer.
$60/per class or $150 for the full series.

To register, email: info (@) with which date/s you will attend. You will receive a Paypal invoice for your session fee.

The New Studio and Meeting Space!

We are all settled into our new home in Silver Spring, and I wanted to share some images of the new meeting space. I’ve got it all set up for a wedding consultation today, but it converts to a family/children consultation room as well, with a variety of different sample pieces. It also converts to a small studio for headshots, one or two subjects, and infant work. Just move those chairs back into the living room, and woila!

Super thanks to all of my clients…for too much to name, but especially to the following for lending their image in my studio samples:
Jessica and Brian
Stephanie and Aaron
Megan and Mike
Heidi and Myles
Caitlin and Kyle
Trish and Roberto
Alexis and Chris

And to my designer, Carla David Design, for her awesome work on all of my print pieces! Oh, and to my Dad for building the accent shelves, and to my Mom for ironing the curtains 🙂

The Thrill of the Hunt

He’s gonna get you! Love this series of a squirrel chase. From our recent shoot with Jon, Catherine and kids, down on the mall.