Closet Caucus Struts It’s Stuff!

If you have not yet checked out Kaarin, owner of Closet Caucus…you absolutely must. I’m not kidding. I don’t say this lightly, but Kaarin offers one of the best services you never knew you needed. Have you ever watched “What Not to Wear?” and thought….”I wonder what they would say to me”? Wonder no longer. Kaarin offers a service where she comes to your home, and goes through your closet (I know, I cringed at the thought as well. She’s super gentle and kind.) and helps guide you through what is working in terms of your fashion, and what you can add/subtract to make it more, well, more “you”. This actually isn’t strictly a female service that she offers, Kaarin got her start working with men on developing their personal style. If you want more details, I’m happy to share, but essentially, Kaarin went through my closet, deconstructed all that I normally wear (yoga pants, yoga pants, and, oh yes, yoga pants), and found new ways to put everything together. The result? I feel like I have more clothes than I could wear in a year, feel really, honestly, fabulous when I look in my closet now, and haven’t spent a dime. Oh, and bonus? She gave me permission to get rid of the bridesmaid dress that outlived the marrige, and has been hanging in my closet for 5 years, taking up 5, count em, 5 valuable inches of real estate.
Totally worth it.

In exchange for changing the way I see my body and my clothes for good, here are some pics I did of her for her in-development website. I think I got the long end of the stick on this one.

Here is her info, if you want more info of your own:
closetcaucus (at) gmail (dot) com

The new studio in all it’s glory. Oh, how I love it!!
More soon –

Maternity and Youth

I love shooting little kids, but what is even more fun, is shooting them with their parents. I had a great time this morning, working with a new client, to create photographs of her pregnant belly and three year old. She is due any day now, a real trooper to come out to the studio in this heat!
A few favorites…

more to come…

Yard ‘O Yogi’s

And we’re off…

Yesterday I continued on the project of profiling each of the Past Tense employees. Again, Irina lent us her time and incredible makeup artistry, and the studio assistants of Past Tense came over for a fun shoot. They got all bendy and strong in the right here on our property, and generally rocked this shoot…


Laura Pohl – photographer and videographer extraordinairePatrick – Videographer, trained yoga teacher, and amazing yogi

Rob – AcroYogi and arm balance junkie

Maggieoff to a maternity shoot – more soon!


The Land of In ‘N Out and Up and Down

So, the last of my posts from the trip to CA are finally here. My sister heidi and i remained after the rest of the family left California, and headed from Marina del Ray onto Santa Barbara, with a quick stop off at the famous In N Out…

We then hit upon a great hotel, with a great view, and were comp’d what we thought was champagne, but turned out to be sparkling apple juice (heidi’s favorite!)

The next morning we were off through the Central Valley, a quick stop off at a winery…

then a laugh at the elephant seals… (what a sight!)

and our last evening on the road, a quite respite at the dramatic Ragged Point Inn, at the southern tip of Big Sur, along Highway Route 1.

tomorrow…more yogi’s.

Back to California…

In my mind, at least. While that little Daily Candy Kids post has kept me quite busy for the last few days, I still haven’t lost my post-vacation buzz…a few more images, as promised, from my recent trip to California.

The sands of Marina del Ray, a few blocks from where my sister Heidi and her boyfriend, Kevin, live. I can still feel that soft, cool to the touch sand of the late evening between my toes…

My brother, one of the most important people in my life, and perhaps the smiliest person that I know joined Kevin rented to try out the surf….

Kevin amazed us all by getting up a bunch of times, on his first day out…

but what goes up, must come down….oops….

We had a good laugh at this picture of them both…suffering just slightly…and unaware that they are about to be totally slammed once again.

Of course, Dad and I were having a blast shooting. This here is the man I learned all that I know about photography from….if i can ever be as good as he, I will be a lucky woman…

Dad and Chris

Heidi and her surfer dude

Up tomorrow….In and Out Burger and a ride up the coast….
p.s. back to reality…If you’re a client of Stacey Vaeth Photography and considering booking my services for the fall, I highly suggest getting with me now. Turns out there are a lot of cute kids in this region that need their pictures taken! Also, keep on the lookout for an invitation to a fall holiday samples show…

The Daily Candy

Just wanted to shoot this out there – we were featured in the Daily Candy Kids this morning!
This is a fantastic resource for parents (as is Daily Candy for women) – if you haven’t seen it already.

August 17, 2009

Picture It…..Mini Sessions with Photographer Stacey Vaeth

snap one up!

You paid an arm and leg for a proof book full of pictures of their eyelids and tongues. Not exactly award-winning photography.

Get another shot with a mini session with photographer Stacey Vaeth. Gather six or more friends and she’ll shoot individual pics of all your kids. It costs just $35 a child (for the hostess it’s free; add siblings or parents for $15 a pop), plus you buy only the pictures you want.

Vaeth will snap away at the park, the pool, or your house, and she brings bubbles, hats, and other props to keep kids interested.

It’s a fast and easy way to get your holiday card portrait.

And nothing to turn your nose up at.

Stacey Vaeth Photography (202-276-2481 or

Out of Order and Back to Reality

I have so much more to post on California! But I’m back to work today – with a great shoot this morning with little LoLo and parents Steph and Mike, and this afternoon with our beautiful studio assistants and volunteers at Past Tense yoga. I teach there and do all the photography for the website and walls. Keep on the lookout for a gallery show later on in the fall. In the meantime – here are a few shots from today, taken in the studio space. We had the assistance of Irina Gerasimova, makeup artist at Bobbi Brown – doing a bang up job on makeup for the ladies. These guys just rocked it – they were so easy going and fun to work with – even in our whirlwind shoot of just under 1.5 hours for all four!

Aashumi – Textile designer, student of yoga and Past Tense Studio Assistant. Check out this blog later in the year for promotion of her new kids textiles line.

Carlos, Aashumi’s partner and student of yoga

Kelly – Past Tense SA and Past Tense Emerging Teacher

Promotion for our Yoga For Runner’s Series – rolling out this fall.

More soon – sv

Attending the Wedding…Imagine That!

Oh it is paradise here in California! I haven’t been out west in several years, but took this past week to journey out for my cousin’s wedding and to visit my sister in her new digs on the beach. Intermittent access to internet has left me a little behind on blogging, so I’ll start from the beginning. This past weekend, we were in San Clemente for my cousin Courtney and Peter’s beachside wedding…

Waiting for family pictures….

My brother, Chris, gave a beautiful blessing before a fantastic dinner…

Courtney, Liz, and Jen, our cousins and very close friends….

I have never seen such team pride in a family, as this family has with USC…as noted by the arrival of the USC band to the reception…

My brother Chris, in one of the most beautiful reception halls that I have seen…

The end of the evening, reception hall from the outside…

You’ll notice very few images…i’m loving the rejuvination sans camera!
More soon- – sv