Bridal Giveaway!

I love Emmaline Bride. They’re a great DIY wedding resource, and feature unique products with great sophistication. To celebrate their 2nd birthday, this week only they’re offering a daily giveaway to couples! With one giveaway launching every morning this week, look for the rest of this week’s birthday giveaways at Emmaline Bride.

Caitlin and Kyle

Caitlin called me in October to reserve a session during peak cherry blossom time. She and her fiance Kyle live in Pennsylvania, but Caitlin said she knew from the time she was a little girl that she would want pictures of her and her future husband under the cherry blossom trees in Washington, DC. What I didn’t know, was that when she called, they had not yet gotten engaged! She knew it was coming (the connection between them is contagious and remarkable – I think a squirrel would have known a proposal was coming), so she wanted to be sure to get on the 2011 cherry blossom calendar. I just love her dress and the very vintage feel that they achieved through their clothing and interactions. Many congratulations Caitlin and Kyle!

Catherine and Daniel

Catherine and Daniel joined me on Sunday, down by the Tidal Basin, under the cherry blossoms. Their energy with each other is so filled with love, and just so natural. This wasn’t an engagement shoot, but just a shoot! Catherine loves photography and said she does a photo session every year. I’ve gotta love someone who is as passionate about images as I am. How many of you prioritize documenting what’s going on in your life each year? I know my husband and I don’t do enough of it (cobbler’s kids have no shoes, anyone?). Catherine and Daniel inspired me to get on it!

A Cherry Blossom Wedding

Do you remember the hail today? The ominous skies, the intermittent rain….the everything falling in on us but locusts? My bride and groom, Cheryl and Mark, had planned a picture perfect wedding on the East Lawn of the Jefferson Memorial, timed with the peak cherry blossom blooms, for 4pm today. Yup. Right around the time that the skies were spitting, coughing and generally very finicky.

But, as things tend to do, they worked, out. I’m backing up their images now before heading off to bed, but thought I would post this standout image from their collection. Congratulations Mark and Cheryl! Not only to your marriage, but to a gorgeous day against all odds. You are blessed from the start.


What a wild week! It’s been snowy, rainy and bright sunshine (but still freezing!) down by the Tidal Basin. But yet, the blossoms must go on! This year, it’s been so much fun seeing most of my clients for the second or third season in a row. Man, how they grow up so fast. 

Here’s baby Genevieve and and her mom, on our mistiest session of the morning….love the natural vintage look. 


And Sidney! Such a big girl.

Remember the baby in the basket, and the baby with the dog? He’s all grown up! 
But Noah is still as giggly as ever.

 Keating, who has been such a joy each and every cherry blossom season. She didn’t want to miss her pictures this year, so joined me on Sunday, the morning it snowed!
  And Jackson and his bro – best friends, each and every year.
 I love this, of Ari and his little sister, Illiana. Last year we couldn’t get Ari to sit on the same bench as his little sister. And this year, he’s such a good big brother!
And tomorrow, a Cherry Blossom wedding….

Didn’t you think this would be about Cherry Blossoms?

I’m living and breathing blossoms this time of year, but have been go go go for so many weeks, that some of my favorite sessions haven’t made it onto the blog yet! So let’s take a little trip to NYC, where I did a super inspired engagement session with Aaron and Stephanie in Times Square. You’ve already seen our reenactment of VJ Day in Times Square (originally by Alfred Eisenstaedt).

But we got some other really fun shots that (freezing) morning as well! Enjoy!