Checking in

80. Hey out there. How are y’all doing? If you’re struggling right now or have been in a funk for, and let’s just pick some random numbers here….TWO YEARS….I hear you and I’m with you. This has been a ride that we’ve been on, hasn’t it? There has been this fog that’s permeated my brain for a while now that is starting to lift, and my goodness is that a relief. Inspiration is beginning to come back, and deep awareness that while things may be “returning to normal” we may never really be “normal” again. Earlier in this pandemic I mused what we’d learn on the other side of all of this. I still don’t have the answers, but am beginning to play with what’s possible. For me, there is a light in the darkness of our recent days and years. The illumination of how short life is, how varied our approach to each day can be, and how the largest obstacles can become our greatest teachers. Sending you all support and light.