Yvette and Michelle

Just as we were leaving tonight’s shoot, Yvette said to me something like, “I just want to mark time through these pictures….just to look back and say ‘this is where we were in our lives. at that moment in time’.” I couldn’t agree more. Photography literally freezes time, a moment, an interaction. And that’s what is just so amazing about it.
Unfortunately for Yvette, she’s gonna have a hell of a time picking which ones to print…for these are two beautiful and photogenic ladies.


What a month it has been! I was holding out hope that I could do full posts on each of these fun shoots that I have had the blessing of doing…but it ain’t happening! From triathletes, to engagements, to babies and yogis, I have been all over the place. But one picture in particular prompted me to stop for a second and post. There is a story in each of these shoots, so I hope to do them all justice in the near future.

So, the image of impetus!
~Courtney and daughter Elle, this morning at Pierce Mill Park in Rock Creek ~

~Son of Annie Lou, Editor of the fabulous Daily Candy Kids~

~ Lucas giving Elle her first kiss from a boy ~
~Sara and giggley Reece~

~Reese and Sarah~

~Reese Escaping~

~Lesley and Luke~
more to come!….sv