I have had a bunch of great shoots this week, which I will continue to share with you over the next few days. First off, yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting at my favorite restaurant in Adams Morgan. Perry’s restaurant is on the corner of 18th and Columbia, with a fantastic rooftop and quite literally, amazing food.

Chef Jose Picazo and owner Saied Azali recently reinvented the menu – this time centered around Spanish-inspired tapas. I say “this time” because Saied has regularily adjusted the menu, always inspired, always fresh, and always fantastic. Perry’s sushi bar and drag queen brunch remain staples of this great restaurant.

Here are a few of my favorite images and dishes, because, yes, serious perk of this job, I got to taste all of these….

more to come….sv

Cristin and Keith – Riverside Farm | Pittsfield, Vermont Wedding Photographer

As anyone who is waiting for a return e-mail from me can attest, I have been disconnected for a few days. On Thursday, I wandered up to Vermont to shoot the Saturday wedding of Cristin and Keith. I have known Cristin since I can remember, as our parents are best friends from Bristol Mountain, in Rochester New York. It is on that mountain that all of us spent every winter Saturday and Sunday skiing and ice skating down an intense 1200 vertical feet. So it was a great honor to be asked by Cristin and her fiance, Keith, to shoot their mountainside wedding in Vermont.

Their ceremony and reception sites are among the most picturesque places I have photographed. As they said their vows, embraced family and friends, and celebrated the union of their lives, it felt as though they were being held in the palm of God, surrounded by the great natural beauty.

Their guests and they stayed at the Amee Lodge, in Pittsfield, VT:

With this stunning view of the mountains, where Cristin took on the role of timeless bride:

With parents Rick and Colleen, who haven’t changed a drop in the 30 years that I have known them…
Traveling on to the church up the hilll, where the boys were waiting for the guests and bride to arrive….
And the pastor, who gave a beautiful service that had everyone alternately in tears or laughter, awaiting the hour.

Two thirty struck, and by some miracle, the ceremony started on time…

The pastor stopped the ceremony and had all of the family from both sides come up to the couple, to surround them with their love, and to place a hand on each, to signify the support that they will give them as they journey together…

And Mr. and Mrs. Webster recede from the altar…

After family photos and the receiving line, we headed back to the lodge to make use of the picturesque waterfalls and scenery for some formals of bride, groom and wedding party…

And then we were off to Riverside Farm for the reception that had everyone laughing, crying, and on their feet dancing, until the last drop.

Congratulations Cristin and Keith! It was such an honor to be a part of this amazing day…


Three Generations…

I had a fun shoot this weekend, documenting a family trait that has been passed down through three generations, at least. Kerri contacted me because she said her son, husband, and father-in-law all have the same hands, and it was something that they wanted to capture…

Try telling a two year old why looking into the camera is important for family history. Now try telling a two year old to hold his hands still and pose them just so, just like dad and grandpa did.

Yeah, it isn’t all that well received. So how did we get these shots? A little game I like to play called “Hide the cheerio!”

So we had fun, loosening up Cameron and playing around.

It was a great shoot, and I hope that those pictures start a trend for the fourth, fifth and sixth generations to follow.

Off to Vermont to shoot Keith and Cristin’s wedding this weekend – more on that on Monday!

Antone and Nicole – Inn at Kelley’s Ford | Remington, Virginia Wedding Photographer

What a gorgeous weekend! After days of rain, on Saturday I was blessed to share in and shoot the picture perfect day for Nicole and Antone’s wedding.

On Friday, they had just a lovely dinner with friends and family that clearly love and support this couple very much.

Nicole’s brother and sister gave a really sweet and funny toast, including the reading of a Pablo Neruda poem…

They got married at the Liberty United Methodist Church in intimate church with gorgeous stained glass…

And had their reception at the absolutely breathtaking Inn at Kelley’s Ford. I told Nicole that I think it’s the most beautiful reception site I have photographed, to which she responded “oh, you say that to all the girls”…but I don’t. It is just stunning out there. A close second to the most beautiful location in the world, Thendara Inn on Canandaguia Lake, NY, where I got married. Family is so important to this couple, that even in the ninety degree heat, they wanted this picture of all of their family, both sides, together in one frame…I don’t blame them in the least.

Congratulations Nicole and Antone!

Pictures, Memories and Laughter….

Announcing our Summertime Mini Sessions
and Location Contest!

June 27 – Montrose Park, Georgetown 7am – 10am
June 28 – Montrose Park, Georgetown 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
July 11/12 – Location TBD

The details:
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Shoot me an e-mail or comment here with your idea for a great summertime mini session location, for July 11/12. The person with the winning idea gets a free mini session for two, valued at $50.

The sky is the limit – what about a place with a fountain, a sprinkler, a swingset, a field of flowers? Bring on your best ideas within 30 miles of DC!

Lastly, I put together this slideshow of a number of great images we captured in our Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions TM. Check it out!

Family Tree….

I work with a yoga student who is a really successful businessman, by anyone’s standard is the envy of the town. He’s achieved the material and creative success that every 21 year old artist sitting on their couch can only dream of. As portrayed by the local papers, blogs, and magazines, he is living the great life. the dream.

But from his perspective, he wants to let go of it all. The control, the endless to do list, the management of his success. He wants a simple life full of relationships, it seems to me. But how to make that transition when we are trained from a very young age to define ourselves by what we do, by what pays the bills? Where is that balance?

It strikes me again and again as I do my jobs of yoga instructor and photographer, daughter, sister, friend and wife, that material success without richness of family (via blood or via friends) doesn’t mean a whole lot. It may, in fact, be worse. Because I can only assume that the step at the top of the ladder of success is just above those steps that are marked with jealousy and competition.

Surviving adolescence, quarter-life crisis, mid-life crisis, and the hand that we were dealt, and to come out of the other side with a family still intact is an imperfect blessing. That support never completely satisfies what we need, perhaps, but man, what would we do without them?

my family-in-love (as my father in law has coined us…)

last weeekend: a great family reunion to celebrate emily and alex’s marriage
andrea, her sisters and father, breaking it down at her wedding
My grandma Vaeth and me a few weeks ago…
beautiful grandma vaeth


Matt and Jana…and baby…

I had the pleasure of working with close friends Matt and Jana this morning. We met on a rock climbing trip in West Virginia last year, and my husband, Juan, and I quickly bonded to these folks. I rarely have the opportunity to work maternity shoots, so this morning was quite a treat. It doesn’t hurt that these two are gorgeous and have this beautiful garden to work with. Jana is due any day now with their first child, sure to be a beautiful little girl.

more to come…sv.