Baby it’s Cold Outside

Say hello to Mr. Bradey, or “baby brother” as he’s known in the family. I’ve been working with Leslie and Matt since Connor “big brother” was about this size. Every few months we meet to do a session, and these kids just keep getting cuter. We’ve worked at the old studio in Mt. Pleasant, in Rock Creek Park, at the Lincoln Memorial, and now here at my home in Silver Spring. I love working with this family. They’re really laid back and the kids are just the best. Little Bradey, when I picked him up, hugged me like a koala bear. The softest, strongest little baby grip you can imagine. You gotta love that.
 Baby brother Bradey was in the basket…
So of course big brother needed to get in as well 🙂
Connor was into the session, most of the time. Then got tired of it.  Then apparently he was back into it, as he said to his mom “I have to do my picture taking”, and walked into the kitchen. So I shot a few at the kitchen table…some of my favorites.

Lovely Black and White.

Loved working with Tobie and her family. She comes to me from Allan Woods Flowers, a corporate client of mine, but on this occasion we worked on a personal level – so lovely.

Sweet Peas

I love working with the Lull family – their little boys are so, so sweet. This newborn session we did at their home (on their dining room table :).