Cherry Blossom Image Contest!

Just for fun, we’re hosting a contest for the favorite Cherry Blossom Mini Session image!
One image from each mini session was selected and posted on these pages.

The winners with the highest average of votes by May 15 will win:
1st Place: 11×14 canvas print of client choice
2nd Place: 11×14 archival print of client choice
3rd Place: 8×10 archival print of client choice

Vote early and often, and share with friends and family! Contest ends May 15!

You can access the contest several ways:
Follow this link
Go to our website, and click on Cherry Blossom Contest
Follow us on Facebook (become our Fan while you’re there!)

Share wide and far, and have fun!!

Sam and Emma – Clyde’s | Reston, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Sam and Emma invited me into their lives for a short time, to share in and capture the celebration of their marriage. They were blessed with a rain-free (despite all odds) wonderful, spirit filled day today as they became man and wife.

Congratulations Sam and Emma!

Chris and Kathryn – Rock Hill Plantation House | Stafford, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Yesterday Chris and Kathryn celebrated their wedding at Rock Hill Plantation House, in Stafford, Virginia. The day could not have been more perfect, and the couple couldn’t have been more genuine, calm, and in love. Kathryn and Chris, it was such a joy to share in your amazing day! I had a really hard time culling my favorites at first glance…so here are a whole bunch.

Next week…post production! To all my clients from the last few weeks, be on the lookout for an email with a link to your images!

Just another friday…

Today was a dash of this and a dash of that — all super celebratory events, which made things really fun. I’m spoiled by all the great weather we’ve had these last few weeks. Last year at this time I had rescheduled one couple EIGHT times because of rain. Eight times. This year, not a single rain date has been called thus far. So great! So when today’s winds came on strong, I couldn’t begrudge it too much. I think everyone handled it nicely.

So on to today…I had the last “cherry blossom” mini session this morning, and although the blossoms have all fallen and the leaves are full green, we still got some great shots. Then off to a meeting at the Ritz with Jeff and Paola to discuss their July wedding, from there to Healy Hall, at Georgetown, to shoot a great group of friends before they went off to a ball (prom pictures anyone? we were careful not to go go there ๐Ÿ™‚ and then to a Georgetown engagement shoot with the lovely Amanda and Chris. Enjoy!


It was a glorious sunrise over the Tidal Basin this morning. I had the pleasure of working with Chris and Megan, who are high school sweethearts, and getting married in August in their hometown of Schenectady NY. They were so great in front of the camera, really natural and at ease. We had just a great morning exploring the sights at FDR, the Tidal Basin and the Potomac shores. I hope you guys enjoy the remainder of your engagement! It was so much fun to work with you.

 more soon!

A Story of Lost and Found

Despite waking up with eyes swollen shut from the pollen, we managed to have a lot of fun this morning with the remaining spectacular that is the Cherry Blossom festival.

Mazy strikes a pensive mood here as we begin her session. She was so great – lots of fun and smiles – and very patiently following my instructions so she could get her cookies at the end.

And then there’s Sidney and Kye and Lelu, all of whom I had the pleasure of working with at last year’s Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions. They have all gotten so big!

As we began the next session, little Sidney lost her ball into the Tidal Basin. She put on a brave face, thinking it was long gone, but then my clients saw it float to the edge, and fished it out for her. Great happiness ensued, and this picture was snapped just after the rescue:

The saviors:

Denton and Brody made another appearance behind my lens as well. I worked with them last year at Cabin John park, where we had lots of fun the jungle gym. Today was there was a little less distraction – just checking out the puddle to see if, in fact, there IS an alligator in there!

Tons of smiles today, and lots of laughter…it was a great morning.

And one saved ball. Not to be lost ever again! Right before I snapped this, I tried to bring the ball up to where the light was a bit better. Sidney did not like that. Not ONE BIT! ๐Ÿ™‚

Last day of Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions is this Friday! I’ll be there tomorrow morning for a sunrise engagement session – so more to come soon.

Soft Color…

What a lovely morning. Mike and Kristi and I spent a really beautiful few hours together on the Tidal Basin. They’re clearly so in love and I am sure going to have just an amazing wedding day in October. I love the soft pastels surrounding them in each of these images. And those willow trees!

Oh, and incidentally. I came home sniffling and wheezing, and pulled in behind these cars:


Another beautiful day

Contrary to popular belief, I actually don’t live on the Tidal Basin. But these days, it sure can feel like it. Although when you get to see an incarnation of this every morning, it doesn’t feel a bad gig:

This morning I worked with Jolina and Samara, clients from last year. Although last year we worked in January on the Tidal Basin, when we got this:

And one year later, look how tall!

Working with these lovely ladies, I learned a few things. Sam is a thinker. She’s pensive and mulls a question before finding an answer. She loves bacon. And she hates to get her shoes dirty. Surprisingly, she’s one of many kids I’ve worked with this year who feel the same way. (about the dirt, I mean. I’m not sure about the bacon.)

Engagement images from the cherry blossoms tomorrow! Oh, and i still have to post on the 1000 person yoga class on the mall. More on that soon.

Project Cherry Blossoms

Your challenge for this week:
Get your clients to the location on time
Hope and pray they find parking
In 20 minutes, get a great portrait of the children, with the cherry blossoms, which are typically hanging 6 feet above their heads
Hope and pray for good, warm weather, not too sunny
Battle tourist throngs to get a shot that looks serene
Fight back little old ladies, as necessary
Keep the kids white dresses somewhat clean. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, after all.

Sometimes. That’s how it feels – this thing I’ve signed up for. But I love it! This morning, we were all struggling with throngs of people. In fact, the hundreds of thousands shut down an afternoon event I had scheduled. But everyone got to the location on time, and in good spirits. And we did some good work. Like the shot above, taken around 7:10am.

This is what the area we were shooting in looked like at 6:45 – it’s usually desolate, even in peak blossom season. Everyone was there to get a frame of the sunset, which I grabbed above another photog’s head.

But we still did good work, thanks to my clients’ good cheer and lots of laughter. A few favs from today:

This was from last weekend, but I love it:

And then there is Ava Rose. We were getting her to smile, calling her name, and at least 30 people surrounding her joined in in the call “Ava” Rose!”

Oh, and then there is this…but I’ll blog about that tomorrow….

more soon…

Lots of Everything!

Cars, busloads of tourists wearing “i love d.c.” sweatshirts, families, doggies, photographers, and even a bride and groom.

Oh, and blossoms? Did I mention tons and tons of blossoms? And sunshine?
We had a gorgeous morning today, at the cherry blossom mini sessions down by the tidal basin.We had perfect attendance and lots of smiles and fun at this morning’s session!

Here are a few of my favorites, more soon…